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I love trying new foods. In fact, it is one of my favourite aspects of travel. Between well known international classics and exotic delicacies lies a wonderful world of food, waiting to be discovered.

Of course you want to try the best dishes and most iconic foods of the places you’re visiting. Cuisine and culture are intrinsically linked. The things people eat and the way that they eat them, say a lot about their history and culture. Not to mention it’s tasty! 😉

I’m a pretty adventurous eater, my motto is “you never know until you try”. Because that weird looking mystery stew or those fried beetles might just turn out to be the best meal you’ve ever had. Although I can say from experience, that they probably won’t be 😉 But it’s all about keeping an open mind and hey, you never know until you try!

So, let my experiences guide you to the meal of a lifetime. If you’re taking a trip and you are wondering which dishes to try and which foods you absolutely have to taste at any given destination, here are my tips on local specialities and must-eat meals:

Morocco Marrakech Tajine


The best things to eat in Africa

Pad Thai Thailand cuisine food Bangkok


The best things to eat in Asia

Venice Italy Venezia pizza lunch


The best things to eat in European countries & cities

Canada food guide things to eat travel guide food tips canadian cuisine poutine montreal

North America

The best things to eat in the USA and Canada

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