Packing Tips

Once your trip is planned, and you’re ready to go, there is one very important thing left to do: pack. Whether you wait until the last moment, or have been preparing for weeks, packing can be a stressful process. What do you need to bring? Did you forget anything? Is your bag too big or heavy?

Through all the trips I’ve taken, I’ve become something of a packing ninja. With my packing tips, you’ll be able to downsize your bag and still be perfectly prepared for your trip.

hand holding a Grayl Geopress water filter bottle background a hill with forest and hiking trail

Reusable Filter Water Bottles for Travel Review

As a sustainable traveler, I try to avoid single use plastic items as much as possible. That can be hard when you’re traveling somewhere without easy access to clean drinking water. But with a filter water bottle, you can use any water source to quench your thirst. I’ve reviewed my favorite brand to help you pick the perfect reusable water bottle for travel. … More Reusable Filter Water Bottles for Travel Review

picture of a woman sitting on a rock looking out on mountains, trees and a lake in Whistler BC Canada

What to Pack for a Day Hike

I used to hate hiking as a kid, but now I love it! The way it allows me to connect to nature, the view from the top of a mountain. There is nothing like it. The key to having a good day hike is preparation. Packing the right gear, and leaving what you don’t need at home, will make your hiking adventure go a lot smoother. So to help you properly plan your next day hike, I’ll share my hiking essentials list, and give you tips on how to choose the right backpack and hiking boots.
More What to Pack for a Day Hike

Venice Italy Teva Original sandals church steps

My Packing List for Europe

Packing for a trip can be a real challenge, especially packing light. What you need depends on where you’re going. So here are my tips for what to pack for a trip in Europe, including packing list for Europe for female travelers! … More My Packing List for Europe

backpacking tips travel tips packing guide backpacking trip

The Ultimate Guide to Packing Light

I have been traveling my whole life and over the years I have become somewhat of a packing expert. I used to be one of those girls who brought a full-size suitcase for a week at the beach. Now I can travel for six months with just a carry on! I know it sounds almost impossible, but you can just follow this ultimate guide to packing light. … More The Ultimate Guide to Packing Light

Greyhound bus USA long distance bus travel night bus

What to Pack on a Night Bus

I love night buses, I think they are a great way to get around. They are cheap, convenient and you save money on accommodation. But surviving a night on a night bus seems daunting. With my tips and tricks, you’ll be just fine. … More What to Pack on a Night Bus

travel apps sustainable travel map phone

My Favorite Travel Apps

Technology has made travel even easier. And though some may prefer to rough it old-school, I like to combine my Lonely Planet travel guide and smartphone for the best travel experience. Some apps help you get from to A to B, others keep you occupied during transit or help you once you’re at your destination. These are my favorite and very useful travel apps you should download before your next trip. … More My Favorite Travel Apps

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