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Solo travel. Two small words that seem to terrify many people. It conjures images of loneliness, danger and struggles. But it doesn’t have to be that way! In my humble opinion, there is nothing better than traveling by yourself, especially as a woman. I find solo travel incredibly empowering, liberating and fun.

Traveling alone gives you the ultimate freedom to do what you like when you like and how you like. It has taught me a lot about myself, given me confidence and unforgettable experiences. Solo travel is an incredible adventure, but it is not without its challenges. These articles are all about planning a solo trip, tips for women traveling alone, and everything you need to know about traveling by yourself.

My solo travel tips will teach you how to travel alone safely and confidently.

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How to Plan a Solo City Trip

City trips are great for women traveling alone. They are fun, affordable, safe, and don’t require a lot of planning. Are you ready for your first trip alone? These easy steps will help you plan your first solo city trip. … More How to Plan a Solo City Trip

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How to Travel Alone

I’ve been traveling alone my whole adult life and I can truthfully say that it is the most empowering and rewarding experience ever. I think the trick to a successful solo trip is your mindset. Solo travel requires a little bravery and above all a positive attitude. Follow my tips for getting in the solo travel mindset and you too can learn how to travel alone. … More How to Travel Alone

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Why I Love Staying in Hostels

I’ve probably stayed in close to a 100 hostels. I love them! They’re such a fun and afforable way to travel, especially as a solo traveler. Not sure about this type of budget accommodation? Let me tell you why I love staying in hostels and I think you will too. … More Why I Love Staying in Hostels

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Things I Do on Every Solo Trip

I don’t believe in running down a check list of “must sees”, but would rather let the advice of locals and plain chance lead me. There is nothing like getting lost in a foreign city and stumbling upon hiden gems. This doesn’t mean I don’t do any research or don’t plan anything. I always look up a few can’t miss highlights, save them in my phone, and read up on local customs and culture. And there are a few things I like to do in every place that I visit. Even if I miss out on most of the main tourist attractions, by doing these things I know I’ll have an amazing solo trip: … More Things I Do on Every Solo Trip

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Looking Back on a Decade of Solo Travel

Can you believe we have just entered a new decade? Time really flies when you’re having fun! Of course, I also traveled a ton in the last decade. In fact, although I’ve been traveling all my life, it wasn’t until the last decade that I started traveling solo. That I discovered how incredibly freeing and empowering solo female travel can be. And if you’d be so kind to come along, let me take you through my whole decade of solo travel: … More Looking Back on a Decade of Solo Travel

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Things to Know about Staying in Hostels

Over the last few years, backpacking around the world and being a digital nomad, I have stayed in a lot of hostels. Having experienced hostels from both the guest and staff side, I feel comfortable calling myself something of a hostel expert. Whether you’re a novice backpacker or already converted to the hostel life, here is everything you need to know about staying in hostels: … More Things to Know about Staying in Hostels

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Basic Hostel Dorm Etiquette

Hostels are a fun and affordable form of accommodation. But since you’re sharing a space with complete strangers, there is a specific code of conduct for staying in hostels. Most of this I would consider common courtesy, but you’d be surprised what some people think is acceptable behaviour. So for everyone who wants to stay in hostels, here is my basic hostel dorm etiquette guide … More Basic Hostel Dorm Etiquette

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Things to Know About Hostel Cooking and Travel Meals

By cooking most of my own meals I save a lot of money on food while I travel. Instead of spending a ton of money on every meal, I save my hard-earned cash for street food, snacks, drinks and the occasional splurge. Cooking your own meals can seem a bit daunting, but cooking cheap, healthy and easy meals as a backpacker is actually not that hard. I’ll share my tried and tested tips on hostel cooking, travel meals and saving money on food while traveling. … More Things to Know About Hostel Cooking and Travel Meals

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Things to Know about Solo Female Travel

Solo travel is the best!
The freedom, the empowerment, the fun: there is nothing like it. Traveling alone is the best decision I ever made. If you are considering giving in to your wanderlust and exploring this beautiful planet alone, allow me to tell you what you need to know about traveling alone as a woman. … More Things to Know about Solo Female Travel

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Why I Love Traveling Alone

Solo travel.

Two small words that scare a lot of people.

They used to scare me too. I let a lot of travel opportunities pass me by because I had no-one to go with. But once I tried it, I loved it. As with everything in life, solo travel only seems scary before you do it. But it is such a rewarding experience. So go out there and give it a try. … More Why I Love Traveling Alone

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