The Best Micro Breweries & Craft Beer Bars in Berlin

When you think of Germany, you probably think of sausages and beer. The golden liquid is an essential part of German and culture and cuisine. So much so that in 1516, the Bavarian rulers instated the “Reinheitsgebot“. It is considered the oldest food law in the world, and dictated that beer was only allowed to contain malted barley, water, and hops (yeast wasn’t discovered yet at this point). Anything brewed with other ingredients wasn’t allowed to be called beer.

The law isn’t in place any more today, but companies still use it in their marketing, and it is being considered for UNESCO World Heritage status. Despite the Reinheitsgebot, beer brewing in Germany flourished in creative ways. There are many regional beer types and an increasing number of craft breweries with experimental drinks.

Berlin is on the forefront of everything trendy in Germany, including craft beer. Big or small, there are a number of great microbreweries and craft beer bars in the city. From IPA’s to sours, and stouts to helles, and of course the local Berliner Weiße, there’s something for every taste.

As a beer lover myself, I’ve been making my way around all the craft beer bars in Berlin, so I can share my favorites with you. All of these places are worth a stop if you find yourself in need of a refreshing pint in Berlin. Prost!


BRLO berlin craft beer brewery brewhouse beer garden

Now, I’ve talked about BRLO several times. It is not just my favorite micro brewery in Berlin, they also have my favorite beer garden in Berlin. During the summer, you can find me there almost every week.

BRLO started in 2014. They have a few standard beers like a good Helles or Pale Ale, but also keep coming up with new flavors and styles. Each more creative and tasty than the next! BRLO truly put the craft in craft beer. If you’re interested, you can book a brewery tour for a peek behind the scenes.

And they don’t just serve tasty beers, but also ciders and kombucha, as well as terrific food.

One of the things that’s so great about BRLO is that they don’t just brew delicious beer, they also actively support good causes. But the very best thing is the people, the staff at BRLO is just so nice and welcoming! That’s what makes it one of the best craft beer bars in Berlin.

Address: Schöneberger Str. 16, 10963 Berlin

Closest public transport: U3, U2, U1 Gleisdreieck

Best beer on the menu: BRLO produces lots of different beers and often has fun limited edition beers as well. But if you’re in the mood for a tasty hoppy beer, I recommend trying their Happy Pils.


protokoll berlin craft beer bar brew pub

Protokoll is one of the most popular craft beer bars in Berlin. Because it has that typical Berlin style: simple, no nonsense. Styled in that classic industrial hipster way with wood and black finishes. Because Protokoll is all about the beer, not the flourish.

The bar wants to showcase the current revolution in German craft beer, and they do so by keeping a whopping 22 beers on tap. If you want to try the best that local and international breweries have to offer, this is the place to be. Taste Russian sours, Canadian stouts, and Berlin IPA’s. Whatever your poison, Protokoll has it.

They also often organize pop-ups with local culinary legend Daniel Does Food, to provide tasty snacks to go with your drink.

Address: Boxhagener Str. 110

Closest public transport: U5, Frankfurter Tor

Best beer on the menu: With a rotating selection of more than 20 beers on tap, your best bet is to ask one of the knowledgeable bartenders for a recommendation.


Kashk craft beer Berlin summer is cancelled growler pub

Café by day, bar by night, there is never a bad time to go to Kashk. It is the Stammkneipe of some of my Berlin friends, so I’ve spent many a long night at Kashk.

It might look like your typical Scandinavian style hipster bar, but the atmosphere is a lot warmer than the minimalist decor suggests. The staff are what shines at Kashk and makes it one of the best craft beer bars in Berlin. And the beer, of course. Because while a lovely cup of coffee and a pastry are nice, we’re here for a different kind of brew.

The beer menu rotates, so check the big chalkboard to see what’s on tap on any given day. It is usually a mix from local Berlin and Scandinavian breweries, as well as their own beers from Hawaiian Shirt Brewery.

*Kashk has been taken over by BRLO in 2021

Address: Linienstraße 40

Closest public transport: U2, Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz

Best beer on the menu: Brew master and owner David comes up with wacky new brews all the time, and some work better than others. My favorite so far is their 2020 classic Summer is Cancelled.


Vagabund Berlin craft beer brewery kesselhaus beer garden

Vagabund was founded in 2011 by three American expats, who were unimpressed by the available offer of German beers. It’s been considered one of the best microbreweries in Berlin ever since. You can find their beer in the better späti’s around Berlin, as well as their own taproom and beer garden. The small beer garden called Kesselhaus is one of the hidden gems of the Wedding district.

Beer gardens are the place to be during summer in Berlin

Vagabund has a permanent range of impressive beers, as well as limited editions and collaboration brews. For true beer enthusiasts, Vagabund organizes brew courses, so you can learn the craft from the masters.

Address: Antwerpener Str. 3 for the brewery/taproom and 16-20 Oudenarder Str for the Kesselhaus beergarden

Closest public transport: U6 Seestraße for the taproom and two tram stops away at Osram Höfe for the Kesselhaus beer garden.

Best beer on the menu: My Saddle, My Pony & Me is a delicious Pale Ale and one of my favorite beers in Berlin.


Eschenbrau Berlin craft beer

Eschenbräu is not your regular brewery. Aside from beer, they also make brandy, and whiskey. Tucked away in a corner of Wedding, Eschenbräu is a fun, no-nonsense place to have a drink. The cellar pub is cozy, and the staff is friendly, so you’ll feel right at home. The atmosphere feels more southern German than Berlin, without hipster frills or rude bartenders. It’s one the more classical and traditional craft beer bars in Berlin.

In summer, there’s a cozy little beer garden where you can enjoy your drink and the nice Berlin weather.

The menu is short and sweet with their standard and seasonal beer, others drinks, and a couple of typical German beer snacks like Laugenbrezel and Flammkuchen to soak up the alcohol.

Address: Triftstraße 67

Closest public transport: S42, S41, S46 Wedding or U6, U9 Leopoldplatz

Best beer on the menu: if you want a good, straight forward beer perfect for this good straight-forward bar, I recommend Pankegold.

As a true beer country, Germany is known for traditional brewing. But there are also a lot of creative young craft beer brewers, especially in Berlin. You can try the latest of the local microbreweries in bars around the city.

There are plenty of places to drink here, but these above are my favorite craft beer bars in Berlin. They all have friendly staff, a good selection on tap and a welcoming atmosphere.

There is no need to go thirsty in Berlin, beer connoisseurs have many great microbreweries and craft beer bars to choose from. Which one will you go to first?

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