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As a kid I used to hate hiking, but as an adult I’ve falling madly in love with it. We live on a beautiful planet, full of impressive landscape, wild nature, and breathtaking views. The best way to experience all that splendor is my going outside. Whether you are new to outdoor traveling or basically a caveman nomad, my posts on outdoor travel will help you plan your next adventure.

Top Posts about Hiking and Outdoor Travel

Things to Know About Hiking the Portuguese Camino

One of the best trips I did in 2022 was hiking the Portuguese Camino. If you’re looking for an active vacation with a bit of culture sprinkled in, I highly recommend hiking the Way of St. James. Although this pilgrimage doesn’t require a lot of planning, there are a few things you should know about…

How To Pack Light For The Camino de Santiago

If you’ve never done a Camino or long-distance hike before, packing for an adventure like this might seem daunting. You’ll be carrying your luggage on your back for weeks, so it can’t be too heavy. My packing tips and list for the camino will help you pack only the right items.

The Most Useful Apps For Hiking The Camino

Some people like to go old school on their Camino with paper maps and guide books. But if you, like me, don’t go anywhere without your smartphone, here are a few useful apps you should download before hiking the Camino. These apps will help you plan your hike, navigate the trails, and keep you entertained.…

Camino Itinerary: Portugal Coastal Route in 13 Days

This year I ticked of a massive bucket list item: hiking the Portuguese Coastal Way of the Camino de Santiago. It took me 13 days to cover the 280 km between Porto and Santiago de Compostela on foot. Here is my itinerary for this beautiful walk along the rugged Portuguese and Galician coast.

The Best Accommodations Along the Portuguese Camino

This year, I finally ticked a major item off my bucket list: hiking the Portuguese Camino de Santiago. Even though this Camino is newer, it is already well established in terms of accommodation and food options. I mostly slept in pilgrim hostels and regular hostels. While some were basic and nothing to write home about,…

The Best Reusable Filter Water Bottles for Travelers

As a sustainable traveler, I try to avoid single use plastic items as much as possible. That can be hard when you’re traveling somewhere without easy access to clean drinking water. But with a filter water bottle, you can use any water source to quench your thirst. I’ve reviewed my favorite brand to help you…

How to Pack Correctly for a Day Hike

I used to hate hiking as a kid, but now I love it! The way it allows me to connect to nature, the view from the top of a mountain. There is nothing like it. The key to having a good day hike is preparation. Packing the right gear, and leaving what you don’t need…

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