Things to Eat in Thailand

Thai cuisine is world-famous for a good reason. The food is spicy, vibrant and full of flavor. From steaming carts full of street food to Michelin star restaurants, Thailand is heaven for foodies. And best of all: the cheapest food is usually the best! So avoid the touristy places with picture menu’s (this goes for every place) and instead, sit down at a roadside eatery with plastic furniture or go for a hand held snack. Vegetarian options are usually easy to find and there’s plenty of fresh fruit and veg. Just watch out for that spice!

Pad Thai

Pad Thai Thailand cuisine food Bangkok

The national dish of Thailand and known all over the world. Pad Thai is a vibrant noodle stir fry dish that can be eaten vegetarian or with different kinds of meat or shrimp. It’s a great option both for people who are a little less adventurous when it comes to spice and anyone who likes a simple but tasty dish.


Thai curries range from mild to tongue-searingly spicy. They are filled with fragrant herbs and aromatics and warm both your stomach and your soul. Every region has its own little twist, so don’t hesitate to stray from the good old green or red curry and try a Penang or Masaman curry as well.

Street food

street food Thai Thailand Bangkok pineapple fruit

The best meals in Thailand are not found in restaurants but at the street food stalls. Gorge yourself on fruit and snacks like spring rolls all day and at night, make your way to the night market for noodles, fried snacks, bbq-ed meats, seafood, and deserts. Do make sure you pick the stalls that are busiest and have a quick turnover, so you avoid food poisoning.

Mango and sticky rice

Mango sticky rice coconut Thai food cuisine Thailand

This lovely desert consists of sweet coconut rice and fresh mango. The best combination in the world and a delicious way to end your meal, start your day, have a snack on the bus or pretty much everywhere.

Papaya salad

green papaya salad Thai food cuisine Thailand

Contrary to what you might expect, papaya salad is not a sweet dish. This savoury appetizer is made with unripe green papaya, chilli, herbs, fish sauce and peanuts. It’s a tangy, salty, gnarly mesh or a dish that I just couldn’t get enough of.

What’s your favorite Thai dish? Let’s talk food in the comments.
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7 thoughts on “Things to Eat in Thailand

  1. I love Thai food, and I would love to eat any of the dishes you mentioned. But I think my favourite is mango and sticky rice. It is the perfect combination of coconut and fruit, and it is so tasty, I would love to eat some right now.

  2. I love Thai food, my favorite is Pad Thai. I love Som Tam too. The best dessert is surely mango with sticky rice. I would also like to add green curry, red curry, and Massaman curry. Ok, I am very hungry now!

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