Things to Eat in Krakow

Krakow is not only an architecturally beautiful, culturally interesting and all round fun city. It is also a great food city. From traditional Polish to Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine, different influences can be tasted in Krakow cooking. There is plenty to be found, simply wandering around the city and checking out all the hip little eateries. And lots of vegetarian and vegan options as well!


Pierogi are the famous Polish dumplings. They resemble ravioli, and they are so good! I especially loved the classic cheese and potato filling. These soft little pockets of goodness can be found at traditional Polish restaurants as well as specific pierogi places.

Israelian food


Krakow has a large Jewish community, which means amazing Jewish and middle eastern cuisine. The Jewish quarter is filled with great restaurants, but my favourite has to be Hamsa. They have a cute little courtyard where they serve mouthwatering mezze. They also sell adorable t-shirts with their slogan: ‘Make hummus not war’.

Ice cream


The Polish love ice cream. And why shouldn’t they? I have never seen so many ice cream shops in my life as is Krakow. Not even in Italy. The very best ice cream in the city is without a doubt at Lody na Starowislnej. You will probably have to stand in line to taste one of their five flavours, but is worth it!


No post about a Polish city would be complete without vodka. And don’t worry, the vodka they serve in Krakow is nothing like the cheap lighter fluid you drink after a few too many beers. Polish vodka is strong, without the unpleasant burn, and smooth. It’s so good, it’s even an acceptable drink at dinner. I especially recommend hazelnut vodka, it is like drinking boozy Nutella.

Jewish bagels

You can buy Jewish style sesame bagels on pretty much every street corner. They are served out of little carts as well as in bakeries, and they are the perfect snack to tide you over until your next meal.

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