North America

For now, my travel experience in North America is limited to a single trip. But what a trip it was! In 2019, I spent 6 months crossing the US and Canada with my backpack. From north to south and east to west. It was an unforgettable adventure and I had an amazing time getting to know the continent.

This page is a collection of all the travel guides I have written about the USA and Canada. With tips on budget travel, things to do and see in major cities and the best places to visit in North America.



Montreal Canada city guide itinerary travel guide travel tips things to do highlights Mile street art murals Leonard Cohen

Things to Do in Montreal

Montreal is vibrant, young and hip. The French colonial architecture, multicultural citizens, array of languages, abundance of bicycles and parks give it a really European feel. Out of all the cities I visited in Canada, this is the one place I could see myself living. Montreal is super livable, but also a great tourist destination. This city is so alive and there is so much to do! From tourist classics like Old Montreal to eating your weight in poutine, these are the top things to do in Montreal: … More Things to Do in Montreal

Canada Quebec City travel guide travel tips city guide things to do itinerary sightseeing highlights petit champlain

Things to Do in Quebec City

Quebec should definitely be part of your visit to Canada, if only to see a totally different side of the country. Although Quebec City is the capital of Quebec province, it’s much smaller than I expected. You can easily see the highlights in a couple of days, making it a perfect weekend destination. It has beautiful architecture, lots of shops and restaurants, great museums, gorgeous nature and delicious food: everything you need for a lovely little trip. Here are my favorite things to do in Quebec City: … More Things to Do in Quebec City

Vancouver Canada BC travel guide travel tips city guide itinerary activities things to see things to do steamclock

Things to Do in Vancouver

My first stop in Canada (ever) was Vancouver. I enjoyed walking around the city and exploring Vancouver. Although I wouldn’t recommend spending more than three days in the city (get to the mountains asap!!), here are a few things absolutely worth doing when visiting Vancouver: … More Things to Do in Vancouver

United States

New Orleans USA french quarter

Things to Do in New Orleans

Between the beautiful architecture, the amazing food and friendly locals, New Orleans instantly became my favorite city in the US (so far). It has a European vibe, which made me feel right at home. And even after a month, I never got bored here. There is just so much to do and see in this city. Here are some of the best things to do in New Orleans: … More Things to Do in New Orleans

Seattle USA Washington travel tips travel advice city guide travel guide things to do activities Pike Place Market

Things to Do in Seattle

Seattle was never really on my radar, so I was surprised by how much I liked it. The combination of modern Downtown, historic Capitol Hill and Waterfront and the view of the Cascades (on a rare sunny day) were a delightful combination. The city really has something for everyone and it’s reflected in the people you see around. I ended up spending four days exploring Seattle and loved every bit of it. Here are some of my favorite things to and see in Seattle: … More Things to Do in Seattle

San Francisco California USA Fisherman Wharf city guide travel tips travel guide things to do activities sightseeing

Things to Do in San Francisco

San Francisco is one of those places that I’ve wanted to visit for a long time. There’s something the city that has always appealed to me. And everyone kept recommending it. So when I was planning my trip around the US, I knew I couldn’t skip this hippie paradise. It’s a beautiful city with charming architecture, cool sights and it’s pretty walkable. … More Things to Do in San Francisco

Austin Texas USA travel guide things to do city guide travel tips

Things to Do in Austin

I pretty much immediately fell in love with Austin. It is simply such a fun and vibrant place. Austin is weird, it’s hip, it’s young and it’s one of a kind. To me, Austin is the perfect combination between laid back nature and bustling city. I was never once bored in the five days I spent there. Here are a few of the best things to do in Austin: … More Things to Do in Austin

12th South Nashville Tennesse USA street art mural music city

Things to Do in Nashville

Nashville, the capital of country music. This city had been on my travel bucket list for a long time. I loved Nashville. It’s a vibrant town with lots to do and see. And it is not all country music 24 hours a day. Here are my favorite things I did while visiting Nashville … More Things to Do in Nashville

Buffalo City Hall Art Deco New York United States USA travel guide

Things to Do in Buffalo NY

Buffalo might not be high up on many people travel bucket list, but it should be! The city does not get the love it deserves. Buffalo is a hip and fun place, with lots to do. If you like good food, a friendly atmosphere, beautiful architecture and nature, than you should visit Buffalo. I ended up staying for five days, and here are my favorite things to do in Buffalo. … More Things to Do in Buffalo NY

Ithaca New York Cascadilla Gorge hike

Things to Do in Ithaca NY

It’s a cute city with a really nice atmosphere. It’s the kind of hippie, free spirited, liberal college town I love. Small and friendly. The campus is beautiful, the houses colorful, the scenery stunning. Seriously, if you like nature, cute little cafes, street art and thrift stores: this is the place for you. I spent a little under two weeks exploring Ithaca and surroundings, these were my favorite things to do in Ithaca: … More Things to Do in Ithaca NY

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