Ultimate Berlin Food Guide for Vegetarians and Vegans

While the Germans may be known for their meat and potato heavy diet, there is plenty for vegans and vegetarians to enjoy as well. Especially in the big cities, like Berlin. In terms of vegan food, Berlin can easily compete with other European capitals like London, Amsterdam, and Copenhagen. In fact, it is one of my favorite vegan food destinations!

If you’re a vegan or vegetarian and planning a trip to Berlin, you’ll be spoiled for choice. Hip neighborhoods like Prenzlauer Berg, Kreuzberg, Neukölln and Friedrichshain are full of vegan restaurants and cafés. And even regular places will usually have at least one or two plant-based options on their menu. No one will look at you funny if you ask for a meatless dish here! In following with EU law, menu’s display allergens, which makes it easier to pick out suitable dishes, even if you don’t speak German.

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Because of the big plant based food scene in Berlin, you’ll be able to enjoy delicious meals of all cuisines and at all price points. Even vegan versions of classic German dishes!

I’ve been living in Berlin for 2.5 years now, and trying out new restaurants is one of my favorite things to do here. Since I follow a mostly plant-based diet, I especially enjoy finding the best vegan eats in the city. So let me share my personal Berlin food guide for vegetarians and vegans:


curry wurst berlin vegan currywurst

Is there a more iconic Berlin dish than curry wurst? Maybe döner kebab, but we’ll get to that next. No Berlin food guide would be complete without a curry wurst, even a vegan version.

The currywurst is beloved all over Germany as a quick meal or late night snack. The sausages are served with ketchup and dusted with curry powder, while the fries are doused in mayonnaise (the only correct way to eat them, i.m.o.).

Traditionally, currywurst is a pork sausage, but you can now also find a vegan version in a few places. My personal favorite is at Curry & Chili. This little stand by the tramstop at Prinzenallee/Osloer Straße claims to serve the spiciest currywurst in Berlin. They even have a Wall of Fame for people who have eaten their spiciest hot sauce. But the thing that I love is that they make all the sauces themselves, including a vegan mayo.

Döner kebab & falafel

plant based food travel vegan kebab poland

The second iconic street food of Berlin is döner kebab. This dish was brought to Berlin in the 60s by Turkish immigrants. They adapted their traditional meat sandwich to German tastes and ingredients, and the Berlin döner kebab was born. You can find kebab shops on pretty much every street corner. Pretty much all of them also sell falafel, which is a great plant-based alternative. The best falafel in my opinion is sold at Maroush.

Turkish kebab shops aren’t the only place to get good falafel. I fell in love with Sudanese falafel sandwiches here, which add peanut sauce instead of garlic sauce. The Sahara Imbiss chain is undefeated in my opinion.

But vegans and vegetarians don’t have to miss out on the true kebab experience! A few places around Berlin have started selling vegan versions of the sandwich, such as Vöner in Friedrichshain.

Also in Friedrichshain is Yoyo Food World, Germany’s oldest vegan snackbar. This place is a true pioneer! It’s small, the vibe is alternative, and it smells like grease, but the food is delicious! They make vegan versions of a variety of popular fast food items, such as gyros and kebab. And the prices are fair too.

Vietnamese food

vegan living 1990 berlin vietnamese restaurant

The second group of immigrant workers who came to Berlin in the 60s were the Vietnamese, leading to a boom in Vietnamese restaurants. You can find them everywhere, and they’re generally fantastic! The flavors and dishes have been Westernized a bit, so don’t expect the most authentic Vietnamese experience. But you can expect great food and plenty of vegan and vegetarian options, which is why it deserves a top place in this Berlin food guide.

My favorite overall restaurant in Berlin is Vegan Living 1990. I’ve been to this Vietnamese restaurant more times than I can count. They are fully vegan and do tapas style dishes to share. Another great vegan Vietnamese restaurant is Chay Long. Their vegan crispy duck is incredibly realistic!

Jewish food

night kitchen berlin restaurant

Historically, Berlin hasn’t been a great place to be Jewish. But although antisemitism is unfortunately still very real, there is a thriving Jewish community in Berlin. And with them, their food.

For a traditional Jewish meal and atmosphere, visit Masel Topf in Prenzlauer Berg. Their menu features plenty of vegan and vegetarian options. For a more modern experience, I recommend Night Kitchen. This restaurant is situated in a courtyard behind the New Synagoge (worth a visit!). Their vegan and vegetarian sharing plates will knock your socks off, especially the challah.

Although not specifically Jewish, Café Mugrabi is a great place for brunch (which we’ll cover right below in this Berlin food guide). They serve delicious Levantine dishes like hummus and shakshuka.


brunch cafe morgenrot berlin

Speaking of brunch, this is what a typical Berlin Sunday looks like: boozy hungover brunch + flea market + museum + walk + beer by the water.

Berlin is full of fantastic brunch spots, and most tend to need a reservation. All will have options for vegans and vegetarians, but I’ll still give you a few personal recommendations.

Café Morgenrot does a terrific spread of all vegan brunch foods. This restaurant in Prenzlauer Berg has an alternative vibe and is within walking distance of the Mauerpark flea market.

For something a bit bougier, head to Factory Girl in Mitte. You will definitely need a reservation here or prepare to wait in line for a long time. Their vegan pancakes and cinnamon buns are worth it though!

German food

brezel beer garden berlin pretzel

You might be thinking by now: what’s with the international cuisines? Don’t Berliners eat German food?

Well, sort of. Most restaurants in Berlin are international and not what people think of when they think of German cuisine. Which is generally more Bavarian, with schnitzel and sausages. All very meat and potato based. Luckily, the good old bretzel (pretzel) is vegan!

There is nothing more German than having a beer and a bretzel in a beer garden

But if you’re a vegan or vegetarian visiting Berlin and want to try some authentic German food, there is somewhere you can go. Försters in Prenzlauer Berg serves plant-based versions of classic German dishes. It’s a nice place, and it gets busy, so be sure to make a reservation! Some beer gardens also serve käsespätzle, the German version of mac ‘n cheese, as well as great pickles!


You may not expect it, but Berlin is full of excellent pizza places. I had the best pizza of my life in Naples, but some close contenders in Berlin. Which is why I had to add my favorite pizza paces to this Berlin food guide.

Pizza is already pretty vegan friendly because it’s customizable, but La Stella Nera goes one step further. They are a fully vegan pizza restaurant and widely beloved in Berlin.

When I lived in Wedding, my go-to pizza place was Stranero. It’s run by Italians and you can taste it. They have a few vegan and vegetarian options on the menu. If you want both vegan and gluten-free, check out Sotto.

I recently went to Gazzo and was blown away! Their sourdough crust is what dreams are made of! They also have both vegetarian and vegan pizza’s. Vegetarians should indulge in a soft serve with olive oil drizzle for desert. Sounds weird, tastes amazing!


swing kitchen berlin burger fries soda vegan

Now, the hamburger might be named after Hamburg, but Berliners love a good burger too. You’ll find burger shops all around the city, most with veggie and vegan options as well. Even fastfood chains like McDonalds and KFC have vegan alternatives!

But the most iconic hamburger place in Berlin is without a doubt Burgermeister. This local chain started their first shop in an old bathroom underneath the Ubahnstation Schlesischer Tor. You can now find them in several spots around the city, and they are a true Berlin institution. Their fries are killer and their vegetarian burger isn’t half-bad either.

For a fully vegan fast food experience, head over to Vedang or Swing Kitchen. Both places serve exclusively plant-based burgers and snack, with meat replacements that are their own recipes.


veganz vegan smoked salmon

Not hungry for a full meal or want to cook something yourself? Head to Veganz, a fully vegan supermarket. Everything in their stores in plant-based! They are a Berlin brand with locations around the city, and a lot of their products are also sold in other stores.

Above the Veganz store in Friedrichshain you’ll find a vegan sushi place as well.

Sweet treats

hokey pokey berlin ice cream

Another beloved Berlin institution is Brammibal’s. This fully vegan donut chain has a few shops dotted around the city as well as in Hamburg. Their donuts are truly just as good as non-vegan ones!

On a hot day, there’s no better treat than ice cream. There are plenty of gelato shops around the city that sell vegan ice creams, but my personal favorite is Hokey Pokey. Their flavors are creative and just so, so good!


Two glasses of beer on a table with the BRLO Brewhouse logo

Beer is serious business in Germany, so I had to include it in my Berlin food guide. From 1487 there was even a law dictating what ingredients brewers could use. A beer could only be called a beer if it was made of 4 ingredients: hops, water, yeast and barley. No animal products anywhere in the production process. Although the law is no longer in place, pretty much all German beer is still vegan, even the craft beer. Which is good news, since Berlin is full of great craft breweries!

Budget travelers will love the Berlin späti culture. A Späti or Spätkauf is a kiosk or corner store that’s open late (hence the name) and sells basic groceries, but mostly alcohol, snacks, and cigarettes. You’ll be able to find beer in a späti for as little as €0.60! Barnivore will help you determine which common German beers in the supermarket and späti are vegan.

Berlin is one of the best European city destinations for vegan and vegetarians. Plant based food is readily available throughout the city and quite affordable! You won’t have any issue finding delicious, meat-free things to eat here, but my food guide for vegans and vegetarians in Berlin will help you get started.

Do you have any favorite spots for vegan or vegetarian food in Berlin that are missing here? Add them in the comments, and I’ll go check them out. I’m always on the lookout for new iconic vegan food in Berlin!

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