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Whether you are a newbie traveler or a seasoned backpacker, I am here to help you plan your next trip that will benefit you and the planet

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The best thing about traveling is all the beautiful things you get to see, the wonderful people you meet and the amazing delicious foods you get to try. I’ve learned a lot on all my adventures, so it only seemed right to share my insight, tips and recommendations with you.

Whether you are a seasoned traveler or planning your first trip, you’ll find lots of useful information on this blog. From destination guides to travel hacks and everything in between. My tips will help you become a more confident solo traveler and a more sustainable tourist.

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About Me

Hi! I am Sophie, an avid solo traveler, budget backpacker, worldwide foodie and sustainable tourism advocate.

I am passionate about sustainable and ethical tourism and I strongly believe in the power of solo travel. Which is why I want to empower more young people to go out and explore this beautiful world!

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I believe in a travel industry that is sustainable, ethical, and equitable. That’s why I’m an ambassador for Sustainable Travel International. They work with local communities, businesses, and travelers to improve tourism for everyone.

Are you on board with that mission? Sign the Travel Better Pledge and check out my sustainable travel tips.

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…even when you’re on a solo trip, you’re never truly alone. Not when you’re connected to travelers from all over the world. Wanderful is community for womxn who love travel.

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