Things to do in Verona

Verona is one of those cities in Italy that are easily overlooked by travellers. Despite its fame as the city of Romeo and Juliet, tourists often favour places like Rome, Florence and Venice. Verona is without a doubt one of the most beautiful cities in Italy and deserves a spot on everyone’s travel bucket list. It is a gorgeous city architecturally, but it also has a lively atmosphere, fantastic food and lots to do. … More Things to do in Verona

How to stay safe when you travel

Travelling can be scary. Especially when you go far away to a place where you don’t know the culture or language. It can seem daunting and your mom is likely worried. People might be trying to give you well-meaning¬†advice about how dangerous it could be. But it isn’t. Travel isn’t dangerous, it isn’t scary. As long as you keep your wits about you, there is only adventure. So calm your nerves (and your moms) by following these tips to stay safe while you travel. … More How to stay safe when you travel

Places to visit in the Philippines

The Philippines is a beautiful country, with plenty of places worth visiting. Travelling around the Philippines, unfortunately, takes a lot of time as the country is made up of islands and the infrastructure is sometimes lacking. So you may need to make some hard decisions about which places you’ll go and which ones you pass on. Here are my 5 favourite¬†places in the Philippines, which should all definitely be on your list: … More Places to visit in the Philippines

Places to visit in Austria

O, Austria. Such a beautiful and diverse country. A few years ago I had the privilege to live in Vienna for an internship and I fell in love with the beautiful city. But I somehow never made it further out into the country during those three months. So this summer I backpacked across Austria from East to West, visiting small towns as well as cities. And I loved it! The mountains, the little villages, the cute houses, the blue lakes. It all looked like a postcard come to life. To experience the best of Austria you have to combine cities and countryside and definitely visit these places: … More Places to visit in Austria

Things to do in Innsbruck

Innsbruck in Tirol is the perfect place to visit if you want to experience Austrian culture. Surrounded by mountains, Innsbruck is a base for all kinds of outdoor activities. Skiing trips to the Tyrolean Alps and hiking trips in summer, there is something for every season. Innsbruck is a University city with a young and international population. As a result, there is plenty to do both day and night. … More Things to do in Innsbruck