Things to Eat in Malaysia

Malaysian cuisine is very varied due to the influence of Chinese and Indian immigrants and every city has a Little India and China Town. Eating in Malaysia gives you the best of traditional Malay, Chinese and Indian cuisine in one country. The street food culture is not quite as strong as it is in Thailand, but you will still be able to find affordable food at night markets and buffets. These are my absolute favorite:

Roti Chanai 

Roti Chanai Malaysia

Roti Chanai is the perfect breakfast. These soft, buttery flatbreads are served with spicy lentil dip. You can get them for as cheap as 1.20 RM (1 USD)!

Nasi Goreng

The staple dish of Malaysian cuisine, Nasi Goreng is a huge portion of vegetable fried rice. You can order it vegetarian, with chicken or seafood.

Tom Yum

Malaysian cuisine has also been influenced by Thai, which can clearly be tasted in Tom Yum, a type of curry soup. It’s a refreshing break from the rich and heavy Indian and Malay food.

Banana Leaf Rice

banana leaf rice curry Indian Malaysia

Another Indian dish, perfect for a big lunch or dinner. All Indian restaurants serve rice with curry and several dips on a banana leave. Eat with your hands and enjoy!

Ice Milk Tea

Complement your breakfast roti with a sweet, cold milk tea. It is made by adding ice and condensed milk to regular black tea. Especially good for a hangover!

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