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Travel is amazing, but it is not without risk. From minor inconveniences like jet lags or getting scammed, to big problems like getting sick or injured on your trip, I believe that a little self-care and preparation goes a long way in staying safe and healthy while traveling. Getting travel insurance, not taking unnecessary risk and doing a bit of research makes all the difference.

My travel health & safety tips will help you prepare for your next trip and stay safe abroad, so that you can enjoy a worry free vacation!

Top Posts on Safe Travel

Tips for Selfcare When You Travel

While travelling is absolutely incredible, it is also exhausting. This travellers fatigue is a common problem that we don’t talk about enough. It is important to practice self-care when you are travelling. So, learn from my mistakes and use these tips to either avoid or remedy travellers fatigue:

How to Stay Safe When You Travel

Travelling can be scary. Especially when you go far away to a place where you don’t know the culture or language. It can seem daunting and your mom is likely worried. People might be trying to give you well-meaning advice about how dangerous it could be. But it isn’t. Travel isn’t dangerous, it isn’t scary. As…

How to Stay Healthy While You Travel

Staying healthy while you’re travelling can be challenging. Whether it’s the heat, exhaustion, foreign cuisine or a nasty bug, there are plenty of health hazards to keep an eye on when you’re on the road. But that certainly shouldn’t deter you! As much as I hate getting sick on the road, I’d still rather be sick…

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