The Best Beer Gardens in Berlin

One of my favorite German past-times is drinking in a beer garden. The German biergarten are a cultural and culinary institution that goes way beyond any regular old patio or pub.

From classic Bavarian to hipster industrial, German beer gardens take on many forms. But they all have one thing in common: it is the best place to enjoy a nice cold beer on a warm summer day. They are an important part of the Berlin nightlife and that pretty much lasts the whole day through.

You can find beer gardens in every German towns and city and Berlin is no exception. Although, of course, with that unique “Berlin” vibe and aesthetic. I’ve had the pleasure of trying out many beer gardens throughout the city in search of the very best outdoor drinking experience.

So let me introduce you to the best beer gardens in Berlin:


BRLO beer garden Happy Pils popcorn craft beer

BRLO is a staple in the Berlin craft beer scene and pretty much my “Stammkneipe”. The delicious BRLO brews are served in craft beer pubs and späti’s through the city, but they also have their own beergarden.

The BRLO Brewhouse lies at Gleisdreieck and is well conntected to the U1, U3, and U2 metro lines. The park next door is a popular place to hang out, skate, and soak up the sun. But we’re here for the beergarden experience and BRLO provides a unique one.

From the industrial containers and abundance of black, this might just be the most “Berlin” beergarden in the whole city. No matter the temperature, people will be donned in black. But don’t let the dark colors fool you, the BRLO staff will brighten up your day! Always friendly and welcoming, with a wide range of drinks to choose from.

From classic Helles and Pale Ale, to signature limited edition brews, there’s something on tap for every type of beer drinker. Not into beer? BRLO also makes ciders and kombucha. And if you need something to soak up all that alcohol, the menu is filled with upgraded bar food like chicken sandwiches, grilled, sausage, and mac ‘n cheese.

My order: You really can’t go wrong with any of the BRLO beers, but if you’re planning a long day of drinking, they have one of the best Radlers around. I’ll have a few on those with a side of mac ‘n cheese and pickles.

Prater Garten

Prater Garden Berlin radler pint beer garden

Prater Garten in Prenzlauer Berg offers a more classic beergarden experience, but still fits in perfectly with the bougie hipster vibe of the neighborhood.

The bar is tucked in a quiet corner of the .., strasse, providing a lovely hide out with a bit of shade from the massive chestnut trees. But the beergarden really shines at dusk when the string lights come on and create a magical atmosphere.

Prater Garten serves their own beers, as well as wines and non-alcoholic drinks. No crazy craft beers here, just good old Pils and Helles. If you’re feeling peckisch, there a small snack stand where you can get classic beergarden food like suasages and potatosalad.

My order: lean into the Bavarian beergarden vibe with a pint of Prater Hell and a laugenbrezel (soft pretzel).

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Birgit & Bier

Birgit & Bier Berlin beer garden tankbier

Technically, Birgit & Bier is classified as a club, but I think that anything can be a beergarden if you try hard enough. To me, it represents the other side of the spectrum when it comes to Berlin style. In contrast to the industrial black of BRLO, Birgit & Bier has a haunted hippie vibe.

The outdoor space is a ramschackle collection of vintage couches and pallet furniture. The random merry-go-round adds to the abandoned carnaval look. Inside, the vibe is moody and elegant with massive chandeliers and lots of velvet. If you’ve ever been to a Budapest ruin bar, this will feel pretty familiar.

With so many random elements to the decor, there’s never a dull moment at Birgit & Bier. DJ’s and regular events provide a festival atmosphere. But you can also just hang out and have a beer.

My order: enjoy a refreshing Hefeweizen and a delicious homemade pizza.


schleusenkrug berlin beer garden tiergarten

Don’t mess with a classic seems to be the motto at Schleusenkrug. They embrace the typical beergarden style and do it well! Grab a beer from the bar and sit down on one of the many levels of the patio.

This is a family friendly place with a very laid-back attitude. It feels kind of secluded, nestled in a corner of Tiergarten park. The perfect place to sit down for a drink after a stroll in the park or a visit to the Zoo.

Nothing crazy but plenty of charm

My order: do as the locals and grab a pint of Berlin beer, like Berliner Kindl. There’s a big menu with classic German dishes if you’re hungry.

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Klunkerkranig Berlin beer garden rooftop bar statue mask

You could debate whether Klunkerkranich is truly a beergarden, but I say it is. This crazy bar is located on the top floor of the Neukölln Arcaden. So yes, it’s a rooftop bar and a beergarden in one.

The vibe at Klunkerkranich is truly unique. The arty decorations give you the feeling of being at a hippie music festival. Think Burning Man in the middle of Berlin. And if the decor wasn’t enough, there’s also the killer view over the city to look at. In non-corona times, the DJ’s add to the whole festival vibe of the place.

Despite being hard to find, Klunkerkranich is such a popular spot that you have to be prepared to que for a while. But it is definitely worth it! Especially if you get there early enough to catch the sunset.

My order: Klunkerkranich doesn’t serve any specialty brews or anything, so just order whatever looks good from the menu.

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No trip to Germany is complete without a beer in a biergarten. The beer gardens in Berlin are unlike elsewhere in Germany and all have their own vibe, from hippie to hipster. So on a sunny day, be sure to try out any of my favorite beer gardens in Berlin, you’ll love them!

Have you ever beer to a German beer garden? Do you have a favorite spot in Berlin that you’d like to add to this list? Let’s chat in the comments!

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