Forget adulthood, I’m traveling

What do you do when your friends are moving in with their S.O.’s, working full time and generally acting like responsible adults? You sublet your room, pack your bags and get on a plane. I decided to continue my traveling by planning a 2-month trip starting on November 1st, the day my freelance contract ended.

For the first leg of my final trip of 2017, I opted to trade the cold and rain of the Netherlands for…

The cold and rain of Ireland and Scotland.

Yeah, I know, I got a few strange looks on this one. But my reasoning is that the weather couldn’t possibly be worse, so why not?

After visiting the UK for the first time last May, I knew I had to explore more of this beautiful country, and it’s neighbor Ireland. Everyone I spoke to loves Ireland and could not recommend it enough. I also completely fell in love with Edinburgh, so I was looking forward to spending some more time in Scotland.

My trip took me all the way around Ireland and Scotland. From the stunning Aran Islands, where I spent two months working in a hostel, to Galway, Killarney, Killkenny, Cork, Waterford and Wicklow to Dublin.

Ireland is such a beautiful country with so many breathtaking sights and charming places to visit.

These are a few you can’t miss!

From Dublin, I went up to Belfast and then Scotland. I started my trip in Glasgow and traveled on through the Highlands via Oban to Inverness. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to visit Isle of Skye, so that’s still on my bucket list. From Inverness, I headed down to my beloved Edinburgh and stopped in Cairngorms National Park along the way.

Much like Ireland, every place I visited in Scotland had its own special kind of magic. It’s a wonderful country with stunning landscapes and lovely cities. Not to mention the fun, if somewhat hard to understand, locals.

These are the most magical places in Scotland

When I arrived in Edinburgh, it was almost Christmas and the city was so festive. Although the weather was dark and cold, the city was warm and light. It made it even harder to say goodbye. But I did as the second leg of my solo adventure was coming up: to sunny Southeast Asia!

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