Things to Do in Belfast

Belfast is undeservingly underrated. The city is beautiful, interesting and has some of the friendliest citizens in the world!

Join a political walking tour

IMG_8060.jpgBelfast has a turbulent history (and present). The ‘conflicting stories’ walking tour takes you through the Catholic Republican and Protestant Unionist neighborhoods, where most of the violence occurred. Lead by ex-prisoners it shows you both sides of The Troubles and the tensions that are far from resolved.

Check out City Hall

IMG_8038.jpgNot only is Belfast City Hall a beautiful building, it also houses a lovely free exhibition on the history of the city.

Stroll through the Cathedral Quarter

IMG_8052The newly restored Cathedral Quarter houses a lot of nice pubs and restaurants as well as ‘non-political’ street art.

Visit Giants Causeway

IMG_8159Take a day trip out of Belfast to see this miracle of nature. The Giants Causeway is a sight to behold.

Walk the Titanic trail

Forego the expensive Titanic experience and walk the free trail instead. It offers all the information you could want. Especially great at night when you can see the outline of the ship in lights.

Eat and shop at St. George’s market

IMG_8185Every weekend St. George’s market houses food stalls and shops. Saturday and Sunday are best to shop for handmade local crafts and second-hand gems.

Visit the Ulster Museum

IMG_8188The Ulster Museum is free to enter and houses both historical and natural exhibitions as well as art. Something for everyone. Don’t miss the epic Game of Thrones tapestry.

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