It’s a party in Dublin

I decided to start my trip somewhere I had never been (j.k. the flight was the cheapest): Dublin. The capital of Ireland is known for its great nightlife and it did not disappoint.

I booked two night at the Jacobs Inn Hostel, because of its good price and reviews. Jacobs Inn turned out to be a really nice hostel, modern and comfortable with nice, helpful staff and plenty of other travellers to hang out with.

I spend two and a half days walking around the stunning city, enjoying the vibrant atmosphere, surprisingly good weather, great food, and beautiful architecture.

Dublin really has something for everyone: fun nightlife, culture, and history, museums, shopping, and sights. I can highly recommend it for a weekend trip with your S.O., friends, family or on your own. Two days is enough to explore the highlights of the city, three allows you to also take a trip to the coast or countryside.

You can spend the day being cultural and end the night with a pint in a pub, perfect!

Want some specific recommendations on activities, food and drinks?


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