My favorite travel apps

Technology has made travel even easier. And though some may prefer to rough it old-school, I like to combine my lonely planet and smartphone for the best travel experience. These are my favorite and very useful travel apps:


This app is a lifesaver. offers offline, crowdsourced maps of pretty much any place in the world. Simply download a specific region while you have internet access and you can use to navigate while you’re on the road. You can even improve and add to the maps yourself!

2. Airline apps

Most airlines now offer e-tickets and smartphone boarding passes. Which is why download the apps form the airline companies I fly with so I don’t have to print out a boarding pass.

3. Couchsurfing

Couchsurfing is not just a way to get free accommodation, it also a community. Couchsurfers and hosts organize events and meet-ups everywhere in the world. Though the app you can easily find fellow travelers in your area that want to hang out and explore or go for a meal.

4. Hostelworld and

There are plenty of online booking systems, but my favorites are Hostelword and Hostelworld usually has the best reviews and information and it’s my go to in Europe. But generally has a larger selection of accommodation, so I ended up using it in more remote areas of South East Asia.

5. XE currency converter

It can be hard keeping track of exchange rates and currency while you travel, especially if you suck at math like me. XE shows you current conversion rates for your selected currencies making it easier to figure out the price of things without all the arithmetics.

6. Instagram

I use Instagram a lot while I travel. And not just to post jealousy inducing pics for my friends and family back home. Instagram is a great way to research possible next destinations. Simply search for posts geotagged your spot of interest and see what it is really like. I even use it to check out the weather for my next destination and to ask people for tips on things to do there.

7. Netflix, Spotify and Storytel

Travel can mean a lot of waiting and long, lonely hours on buses, trains, and airplanes. With the offline options of these apps, I am never without easy entertainment. I simply download a few episodes, audiobook or playlist before I go.

8. Tripadvisor

Tripadvisor is a great source of first-hand information from fellow travelers on things to do at your destination. But I mainly use it to find good, affordable food around Europe.

9. Uber and Grab

Haggling with taxi drivers and getting ripped off is no longer a problem with Uber and Grab. These taxi apps use fixed rates so you won’t end up paying way too much for your ride. Especially in South East Asia where public transport can be unreliable, sharing a Grab will get you there for the same price. And Grab and Uber drivers can usually give you some sightseeing tips as well.

10. Dropbox

Not a really a travel app, but one that can make travel a lot easier. I always keep a copy of bookings, tickets, passport and insurance information in a Dropbox folder that I share with my mom. That way we both have access to my info in case of an emergency.

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