Another surprise: Malaga

After the fun I had on my first trip (Surprising myself), I quickly booked a second one. This time I chose to truly venture out on my own, for 3 days, with their Broke theme. With Broke you stay at a hostel and usually in a smaller European town. Since I’d be going alone, I liked the idea of easily meeting people in a hostel as well as limiting my chances of ending up somewhere I had already been.

I was a little nervous about going on a trip completely alone, but also very excited. The weather forecast was good, so with a carry-on bag filled with summer clothes I made my way to Eindhoven airport. One of my favourite things about is that it feels like a little present when you finally unlock your destination. And I was so happy with mine: Malaga. I love Spain, but I had never been to the south coast before. After a delayed flight (the air plane in front of us had a flat tire) we landed in sunny Spain. Unfortunately, it took me half an hour of walking in the heat to find the hostel as it was hidden away in the corner of a square. But that did lead me to take in the sights and atmosphere of Malaga. What a beautiful and lovely city!

The hostel they put me in turned out great, especially for a short stay. I can survive a 20 person dorm for two nights. There was free sangria every night and a pub crawl which was a good way to meet some of the other guests. So even though I went to Malaga alone, I quickly met some fellow travellers to explore the city with. Malaga is absolutely beautiful, with lovely people, great food, and an interesting history. It’s a relatively small city, but it has both sights and beach and it’snot too touristy. So if you’re looking for a city trip that has everything, Malaga is the place to go. Or combine it with a trip to Granada, Sevilla or Morocco if you are looking for something longer. It does get super hot there in the summer, so I would advise going before June or after September.

Curious? Check out the little compilation video and my tips for things to do and eat!

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