The Best Things to Eat in Puglia

The Puglia region, and the capitol Bari, is a woefully underappreciated part of Italy. Forget Tuscany or Venice, if you want to experience real authentic Italian culture and food, this is where you should go. Here are some other underrated places to visit in Italy From incredible white sand beaches (Puglia is a frequent stand … More The Best Things to Eat in Puglia

The Best Things to Eat in New Orleans

As you know from my previous post, I loved New Orleans. The crescent city has beautiful architecture, a great nightlife and rich culture. There is so much to do and see in New Orleans, that it quickly captured my heart. But most of all, it has amazing food! The New Orleans food scene is a … More The Best Things to Eat in New Orleans

Things to Eat in Vietnam

Vietnamese food has taken the world by storm. The tasty, flavourful dishes, such as Pho, have become popular all around the globe. Fresh ingredients and herbs, with Chinese and French influence, make Vietnamese cuisine what it is. Each region has its own specialties and versions of staples such as Pho and Bahn My. The food in the north is more similar to Chinese, whereas food in the north has some subtle Thai notes.
Although it hasn’t replaced Thai as my favourite South East Asia cuisine, I thoroughly enjoyed eating my way through Vietnam. Here are some of the dishes you should absolutely try: … More Things to Eat in Vietnam

Things to Eat in Morocco

I’ll be honest guys: I found the food in Morocco underwhelming. I know, shocking! However, that doesn’t mean that the food in Morocco wasn’t good, you just have to know where to look. So, which dishes should you try during your trip? Short answer, all of them. But these ones are especially delicious: … More Things to Eat in Morocco

Things to Eat in Ljubljana

Like everything else in Slovenia, the cuisine is influenced by the countries turbulent history. Italy, Austria, Hungary, and Yugoslavia all left their delicious mark on Slovenian cooking. And Ljubljana is the perfect place to try all those typical dishes as well as international food. My favourite food experience in Ljubljana was the open air food market. Every Friday (if the weather allows), local restaurants cook in front of the Cathedral with music and drinks. Here are a few things you absolutely have to try: … More Things to Eat in Ljubljana