Why I Love Traveling Alone

Solo travel.

Two small words that scare a lot of people.

They used to scare me too. I let a lot of travel opportunities pass me by because I had no-one to go with. But once I tried it, I loved it. As with everything in life, solo travel only seems scary before you do it. But it is such a rewarding experience. So go out there and give it a try. … More Why I Love Traveling Alone

How To Meet People While Traveling Solo

A lot of people are afraid of travelling alone because they fear loneliness. Especially in the evenings. But don’t worry, meeting others while you travel is actually really easy! I’ve listed my tips on meeting new friends, dinner companions and drinking buddies on the road: … More How To Meet People While Traveling Solo

Forget adulthood, I’m traveling

What do you do when your friends are moving in with their S.O.’s, working full time and generally acting like responsible adults? You sublet your room, pack your bags and get on a plane. I decided to continue my travelling by planning a 1,5-month trip starting on November 1st, the day my freelance contract ended. … More Forget adulthood, I’m traveling

I get around

My mom was invited to work at the University of Newcastle for a month in May, so naturally, I took the chance to visit her.

As it turned out flying to Newcastle from the Netherlands is hella expensive. So as a blessing in disguise, I decided to fly to Manchester, spend the day there and take a train to Newcastle. After three days in Newcastle, I took another train to Edinburgh and flew back home from there.

A pretty full itinerary for a 5-day trip, but it gave me the chance to see a little more of Northern England and Scotland. … More I get around