The Best Things to Eat in Prague for Vegetarians

What should you expect when it comes to Czech food? Well, lots of hearty dishes like grilled meats, stews and soups. Generally speaking, Czech cuisine is very much meat-based, but there are some dishes suited for vegetarians. Vegans will have a harder time in any of the traditional eateries, but there are a few newer restaurants that offer vegan versions of Czech classics. These are some of the must-try dishes and things to eat in Prague while you’re there. … More The Best Things to Eat in Prague for Vegetarians

Solo Together: Prague

I booked my Solo Together trip with, received my envelope, contacted my fellow travellers on Facebook and made my way to the airport.

Of course, I was the last to arrive at Eindhoven Airport (no surprise there), so after a quick hello we decided to wait no longer and reveal our destination:

Prague! … More Solo Together: Prague