Things to Eat in Dublin

Irish food is simple, hearty and delicious. The Irish are big meat eaters, so vegetarian options can be few and far between. But hip Dublin certainly has plenty of international hipster places that serve something for everyone. … More Things to Eat in Dublin

Things to Do in Dublin

Dublin is a fantastic lively city, perfect for a weekend away. It has something for everyone: culture, history, food, and nightlife. I would recommend: … More Things to Do in Dublin

It’s a party in Dublin

I decided to start my trip somewhere I had never been (j.k. the flight was the cheapest): Dublin. The capital of Ireland is known for its great nightlife and it did not disappoint. … More It’s a party in Dublin

Forget adulthood, I’m traveling

What do you do when your friends are moving in with their S.O.’s, working full time and generally acting like responsible adults? You sublet your room, pack your bags and get on a plane. I decided to continue my travelling by planning a 1,5-month trip starting on November 1st, the day my freelance contract ended. … More Forget adulthood, I’m traveling