My Favorite Trips of 2022

After two years of lockdowns and travel restrictions, it seems like we were finally done with the pandemic in 2022. As someone with major wanderlust, it was amazing to be able to plan trips and go on vacations again. I took a few trips in 2021 as well, but 2022 was a big travel year for me.

In line with my sustainable travel goals, I did stay in Europe. Being based in Berlin, it’s pretty easy for me to travel around the continent without taking many flights. And Europe has so much to offer!

I took a variety of trips in 2022, from a pilgrimage to a workation, solo or with family, long or short. And they were some of the best trips I’ve ever taken! To help you get some inspiration for your next year of travel, here are my favorite trips of 2022:

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Hiking the Portuguese Camino

camino marker shell

The biggest vacation I’ve taken in a while, in terms of length, adventure, and planning, was hiking the Portuguese Camino in June.

I read about this version of the famous pilgrimage in the Lonely Planet “Epic Hikes of Europe”. And it was epic! I ended up walking the 280 km trail along the Portuguese and Spanish Coast in 13 days. I’m not going to lie, it was tough. I’m not a novice hiker, and I’m in pretty decent shape, but some days were very challenging.

But it was also so rewarding. The coast of Galicia and North Portugal are rugged, wild and stunning. I walked with the sea breeze in my hair and sun on my face through sand dunes, beaches, fields, cliffs, boardwalks, and towns. Everywhere I went, people were incredibly friendly and supportive, both the locals and fellow pilgrims.

Did I over pack? Sure. Did I under prepare? You bet. Did that matter in the end? Not at all.

If you’re like hiking, love nature, and are looking for an epic adventure that is safe and easy to do solo, I highly recommend the Portuguese Camino. It’s easier and more beautiful than the famous French Way. And you definitely don’t need to be spiritual or a professional athlete to do it.

Family vacation in Croatia

I’m quite close with my family and I love traveling with them. Unfortunately, the pandemic messed up our plans of a big family trip the previous years. But in 2022, we finally got to go abroad together again.

My mom, aunt and uncle rented a house in a small village in Croatia called Groznjan. It’s a popular place for day trip for people traveling in Istria, in the north of Croatia. The small hill top town is an artist enclave with lots of ateliers and boutiques. Groznjnan is incredibly picturesque and perfectly situated for beach days and cultural outings.

I’m fortunate enough to have a job that allows me to work remotely, so I was able to stay for 2 weeks without having to use all my PTO. I ended up working half days in the morning and going on day trips with my family in the afternoon. There’s nothing like swimming in the sea after a boring meeting!

Istria is a gorgeous region full of Medieval towns, beaches with crystal blue water, and delicious food. It reminder me a lot of Umbria, one of my favorite places in Italy. It is also close to the Slovenian border and Trieste.

After staying with my family for a week, I traveled to Trieste for a few days and then on to Zagreb. The capital of Croatia pleasantly surprised me! I expected it to feel more Eastern European, but it reminded me a lot of Ljubljana and Krakow. The old city center is beautiful, with historical architecture and a magical atmosphere.

I also found Zagreb to be quite modern in terms of shops and lots of vegan restaurants. Apparently, it’s becoming a popular hub for digital nomads. It’s also perfect for solo travelers. I stayed at Swanky Mint and found it really easy to make friends in Zagreb.

WITS Europe in Gdańsk

Gdansk Old Town Poland markez

Another trip that was years in the making was to the second Women In Travel Summit in Europe. I had been to the first one in Riga, in 2019, and have been a member of Wanderful ever since. This diverse community of women travelers and tourism professionals has been a huge source of support, wisdom and joy for me on my own journey as a travel blogger.

The WITS Global Activation conference in Gdańsk was just as good as I had hoped. It was lovely to see virtual friends in person for the first time, network with interesting people and attend inspiring lectures and workshops.

I also instantly fell in love with Gdańsk. This beautiful city in the north of Poland is such an underrated gem in Europe! It’s colorful, with a perfect blend of history and modernity. The people are friendly, and the food is delicious. We were graciously hosted by Visit Gdańsk and got to see a lot of this interesting city.

If you’re looking for an affordable and multifaceted European city trip destination, I highly recommend going to Gdańsk.

Workation in Florence

piazzale michelangelo florence italy view point

I wasn’t the only one attending conferences abroad in 2022, so was my sister. When she invited me to join her in Florence for a week, I simply couldn’t say no.

Florence and I go way back to my first solo trip ever. During my gap year after high school, I lived in Florence for two months to learn Italian. I’ve been back several times since then, and the city never fails to dazzle me. That’s why it is still one of my favorite trips of 2022.

Sure, it’s become very touristic. But most places are popular for a reason, and Florence is one of them. I don’t think I’ve traveled anywhere that offered such a wealth of history, art and culture in one place. And it’s hard to beat Italian food 😉

For the best experience in Florence, it’s imperative that you travel in the low season. I was there in October and the crowds were just beginning to thin out, but the weather was still warm and sunny. I also recommend staying a little further outside the historic city center and take your time to explore the city with guides. Stay away from the tourist traps and discover Florence like a local to really appreciate the city to the fullest.

Christmas Trip to Bratislava

My final trip and one of my favorite trips of 2022 was a rather spontaneous one. I wanted to make use of the great night train connections from Berlin. A friend had also just told me about the lovely Christmas markets in Bratislava, so I decided to see them for myself.

I found a great deal on train tickets for the Nightjet with a sleeper train to Bratislava on Friday evening and back to Berlin on Sunday. The Nightjet was pretty comfortable. I had booked a bed in a women’s compartment that I ended up having all to myself. It’s obviously not the most luxurious sleep you’ll ever have, but it’s better than a regular seat. And there’s a certain romance and sense of adventure about going to sleep in one place and waking up in another!

It was a quick weekend trip, but Bratislava isn’t big, so you can see a lot in two days. Most people visit it as a day trip from Vienna, but I think it warrants an overnight stay.

I ended up doing two very interesting walking tours, trying all the local delicacies on the very cute Christmas markets and even made some new friends. It was a rushed trip and I came back exhausted, but also delighted. In terms of festive vibes, it definitely stacks up as some of the best in Europe.

Bratislava is beautiful and underrated, and the Slovenian people are absolutely lovely. I can’t wait to go back in the summer to go hiking in the Carpathian Mountains.

Looking back at the year, I feel very fortunate that I was able to take so many great trips and travel to so many beautiful places. Every place I go has something unique to offer, and all those adventures are specials to me. So while it is never easy to pick favorites, I can say that the ones listed above are some of my favorite trips of 2022.

If you’re looking for inspiration for your future travels, I wholeheartedly recommend each one of these places.

So where did you travel in 2022? Where was particularly special for you? Where would you recommend others travel to in 2023? Let’s chat in the comments.

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