The Most Festive Christmas Markets in Berlin

‘Tis the season! The weather is cold, the first snow has fallen, and all over Berlin the Christmas Markets are opening for the 2022 winter season.

I love Christmas, it’s my favorite holiday of the year. As soon as the Christmas Markets open, you’ll find me there with a cup of mulled wine and a tasty snack, singing along to Christmas music and buying overpriced gifts.

Berlin is one of my favorite places for Christmas markets in Europe

During December every year (barring any pandemics), Berlin becomes a truly magical place. Despite the cold weather, everyone is walking around smiling. Perhaps the copious amounts of mulled wine have something to do with it. Christmas is serious business in Germany, and Berlin is no different. Over 50 Christmas Markets take place in the city from the First Advent weekend until Christmas Eve (and some even earlier and later).

With so many to choose from, it can be hard to decide where to go. Luckily, the Visit Berlin website has a convenient list of all the markets, sorted by district. So you can easily find the one closest to you. But to make it even better, I’ve listed my personal favorites that I would recommend you visit while you’re here. These are not the hidden gems, but rather the big markets that are open all week for a healthy dose of holiday cheer. The best Christmarkets in Berlin to enjoy during your visit are:

Weihnachtszauber Gendarmenmarkt

The Christmas Market on Gendarmenmarkt is one of the most popular in Berlin. It’s not very big, but Gendarmenmarkt is a prime location. The square is in the center of Berlin, with two beautiful churches on either side, providing a beautiful decor. Because of construction, it has been moved to Bebelplatz this year. Which might be even prettier, with the imposing Opera Building to the right.

This market is definitely a little bougie, with expensive vendors, but it is still worth a visit. The huge Christmas tree alone is worth seeing, and it’s right by Museum Island. So perfect place to stop for a drink after museum hopping.

It is also one of the few Christmas markets in Berlin that is open on Christmas! So perfect for anyone visiting Berlin during the holidays.

Location: Gendarmenmarkt/Bebelplatz, close to U Unter den Linden

Opening dates: 21 November – 31 December 2022

Opening hours: Sunday to Thursday from 12 noon to 10 pm, Friday and Saturday from 12 noon to 11 pm

Price: €1

Weihnachtsmarkt am Rotes Rathaus

Rotes Rathaus Weihnachtsmarkt Berlin

If you don’t mind a more touristic setting, the Christmas Market near Rotes Rathaus is the place to go. This big market is conveniently located by the Berlin TV Tower.

The Weihnachtsmarkt am Rotes Rathaus is one of the biggest Christmas Markets in Berlin, and although it is less cozy and authentic as some of the small markets, I still really like it. If you don’t have a lot of time in Berlin, this is the one market I would suggest you go. It is a lot nicer than the one at Alexanderplatz. This Christmas Market is also open past Christmas.

This is not the place I would go for buying crafts and souvenirs, though, as a lot of it will be mass-produced rather than authentic crafts. But there is a good assortment of vendors, with a wide choice of typical German snacks and drinks.

There is nothing like a cup of mulled wine to warm you on a cold day in the winter in Berlin

This is also a great place to go with children, as there is a huge ferris wheel, an ice-skating rink, and a cute little train that they can ride.

Location: Mitte, close to U Rotes Rathaus and S+U Alexanderplatz

Opening dates: 22 November 2022 – 31 December 2022

Opening hours: Monday to Friday: 12 noon to 10 pm, Saturday & Sunday: 11 am to 10 pm

Price: free

Historische Weihnachtsmarkt RAW Gelände

RAW Geländer Historische Weihnachtsmarkt Friedrichshain Berlin Medieval Christmas Market

I went to the Historical Christmas Market in Berlin for the first time this year, and absolutely loved it! The whole thing has a Medieval theme. The decorations feel like a Renaissance fair, and there are activities like axe throwing and fire dancing shows. It is well worth the entrance fee!

If you love a themed Christmas market, you’ll love this one! There is a ton to do, both for adults and children. They even have a petting zoo where the little ones can ride a donkey. There are several spots to buy glühwein and lots of tasty snacks.

The market is located in one of my favorite spots in Berlin: the RAW Gelände. This place is an industrial compound filled with street art, a cool flea market on Sundays, and a few nightclubs. It’s got that typical Berlin vibe, but you notice none of that at the Christmas market itself.

Location: Friedrichshain, close to S+U Warschauerstraße

Opening dates: 17 November 2022 – 22 December 2022

Opening hours: Monday to Friday 3 p.m. to 10 p.m., Saturday and Sunday 12 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Price: €3, free on Monday and Tuesday

Lucia Scandinavian Christmas Market

Lucia Weihnachtsmarkt Berlin Kulturbrauerei

You can find another great themed Christmas market in Prenzlauer Berg. The Lucia market is a Scandinavian Christmas market celebrating the pagan festival of lights. But mostly it’s just a cozy market in a cool location.

The Scandinavian vibe is present in the decoration, the vendors, and the gastronomy. You can try typical Nordic Christmas drinks and dishes here. Like Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian or Icelandic glög (mulled wine), reindeer burgers, potato pancakes, smoked salmon and more. It’s absolutely worth going to this unique market if you’re in Berlin in December.

The location is also great. Kulturbrauerei is a formed brewery, that now contains restaurants, supermarket, cinema, museum, and event spaces. During the summer, there are frequent street food festivals hosted here.

Location: Prenzlauer Berg, close to S+U Eberswalder Straße

Opening dates: 21 November – 22 December 2022

Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 3 pm to 10 pm, Saturday and Sunday from 12 noon to 10 pm

Price: free

Weihnachtsmarkt vor dem Schloss Charlottenburg

Schloss Charlottenburg Christmas Market Berlin

Christmas and castles go hand in hand, in my opinion. There is something about the backdrop of a castle that takes a Christmas market to the next level. And that’s exactly why you should visit the Christmas market in front of Schloss Charlottenburg!

The Christmas Market at Schloss Charlottenburg is beloved by locals, and you’ll find fewer tourists making their way out here. It is a charming market with authentic German atmosphere. But big enough to have something for everyone. The audience here is a little fancier and mostly adults. Unfortunately, 2022 will be the last year that this market takes place, so hurry on over to Berlin to experience it!

This is one of the best Christmas markets in Berlin for souvenir shopping as well. A small part of the market is dedicated to local food, arts and crafts, perfect for some last-minute Christmas shopping! It is also a terrific place to indulge in traditional German Christmas market foods. It can be a bit tricky to find something for vegetarians and vegans, though, as the food tends to be meat heavy.

Here’s where to find the best vegetarian food in Berlin

But everyone can enjoy a nice cup of glühwein, mulled cider or hot chocolate. Especially from the little terrace on top of one of the bars. From here, you have a gorgeous view of the whole market.

Location: Schloss Charlottenburg, near S Westend.

Opening dates: 21 November – 22 December 2022

Opening hours: Monday to Thursday from 2 pm to 10 pm, Friday to Sunday from 12 noon to 10 pm

Price: free

If you love Christmas and want to experience the cozy atmosphere of a German Christmas Market, Berlin in December is the place to be. Whether you want to go souvenirs shopping on a small craft market, throw axes on a Medieval market or ride a huge ferris wheel with a view of the most famous Berlin landmarks: it is all possible.

My favorite big Christmas Markets in Berlin are a great place to start your holiday season. Soak in the festive vibes, sip a warm glühwein and indulge in some tasty snacks. The Christmas Markets in Berlin will welcome you with music, lights and warmth. Even on a cold night!

What are your favorite Christmas Markets in Berlin? Let me know your recommendations in the comments.

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