The Best Things to do in Berlin in Autumn

Sure, autumn might not be the prime time to visit Berlin. But that doesn’t mean you should skip it! As long as you’re not scared of a little rain, Berlin is still a lovely destination for a city trip in the fall. In fact, it is one of the driest regions of Germany!

Autumn in Berlin means beautiful foliage, cozy days spend in museums, and lovely fall vibes. Enjoy the city bathed in golden light (whenever it’s not raining) and indulge in typical seasonal highlights. Berlin is a place that is full of adventure, year-round!

So if you’re looking for a good destination for your fall trip, give Berlin a shot. Enjoy both rainy and sunny days with these things to do in Berlin in autumn.

Go for a hike

Berlin Germany Flakturm Humboldthain fall bridge

Hiking in a city? It might seem like a strange combination, but not in Berlin. Berlin is one of the greenest cities in Europe, with lots of parks and easy access to the outdoors. And with the mild temperatures and turning leaves, autumn is the perfect time to go hiking. Just remember to wear a rain jacket!

Aside from going for a stroll in one of the many parks, you can feel like you’re really out in nature in Grunewald. This massive green area on the southwestern part of the city is full of nice hiking trails. Make sure to also climb up to Teufelsberg, an old spy station and one of the many cool “lost places” in Berlin.

For a bit of history with your physical exercise, make your way along the Mauerweg, a trail that runs the length of the old Berlin Wall. Half runs through the city and the other half through the countryside, encircling former West Berlin. There are lots of information points and good public transport access.

In the spring, the Mauerweg is lined with cherry blossoms

Experience a new height of “leave-peeping” just outside of Berlin. The Baumenkronenpfad Beelitz-Heilstatten is a trail that runs among the tree tops above WWII ruins. This one requires an entry fee and is wheelchair accessible.

Visit a museum

There is a lot to see simply walking around Berlin. But on a rainy autumn day, the idea of trudging through the city might not seem very appealing.

Instead, check out some of the many excellent museums in Berlin. With over 150 museums, there is plenty to choose from! Whether you’re an art fan or a history buff, you won’t have to get bored.

I’ve listed some of my favorite Berlin museum here for you

If you’re planning to museum hop on a budget, consider getting the Museum Pass. Museums on WWII history and the Holocaust are all free, and most others are free on the first Sunday of every month. The biggest and most popular museums usually require a reservation.

Make use of the public transportation

Want to explore the city without getting wet? Berlin has an excellent public transportation system. The city is sprawling but the U-Bahn (metro), S-Bahn (above ground city train), Strassenbahn (tram), and bus will get you every you need to go.

For some sightseeing without walking, I recommend a trip on the Ringbahn. S-bahnlines 41 and 42 circle the city center of Berlin in opposite directions and take a little over an hour to complete their journey. S3, 5, 7, and 9 run above ground through the center with a view of the Reichstag and Alexanderplatz. Bus line 100 is the “tourist bus”. This double-decker goes between Zoologischer Garten and Alexander Platz, along almost all major sights in the middle of Berlin.

There are a lot of different ticket options for tourists, depending on the length of your stay. Most of these will also give you discount at various third parties. You can buy your ticket from a ticket machine once you arrive at the airport or train station, or download the BVG app. Ticket controllers in Berlin are notoriously rude and aggressive and known for trying to scam tourists, so make sure you have a valid ticket!

Enjoy some seasonal food and drinks

Even with modern agriculture, import, and green houses, Germans are still very attached to their seasonal product. Although nothing compares to Spargelzeit (asparagus season in the spring), autumn has plenty of great foods to offer as well.

Local German restaurants will serve dishes in the fall with pfifferlinge (chanterelles) and kurbis (pumpkin). For dessert, enjoy a nice piece of cake with zwetschge (a type of plum).

Vegans and vegetarians will love my Berlin food guide

Some seasonal products have to be drunk rather than eaten. Oktoberfest has become famous around the world. Although traditionally a Munich festival, lots of Berlins beer gardens join in on the fun. While the locals may turn up their nose, the tourists seem to love it. You may be surprised to learn that Germany also produces a lot of wine, especially the southwestern corner of the country. In fall, we move from the light weinschorles (white wine mixed with sparkling water) of the summer to bolder reds.

Visiting Berlin in the summer instead? Here are my favorite things to do

Hide in the many bars and cafés

Berlin bar beer Germany candle

Can’t hide inside all day? Watch me! Berlin takes a lot of pride in its gastronomy and has a vibrant bar scene. During the day, warm up in a cozy café with a cup of tea and a book. At night, try some great Berlin craft beer.

Those looking for a bit of entertainment with their drink won’t be disappointed. You can watch live-music and stand-up comedy (in English) every night of the week in Berlin!

And of course, there are a variety of nightclubs that you can hole up for 72 hours straight in on the weekends.

In a city as wild and wonderful like Berlin, there is no bad time to visit! Even on rainy days, there is plenty to see and do. My favorite things to do in Berlin in autumn will keep you entertained no matter the weather!

Have you visited Berlin in the fall before? What was your favorite thing to do? Let me know in the comments.

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