My Favorite Travel Podcasts Hosted By Women

I’ll admit that I was late to the podcast game. As much as I enjoyed audiobooks, the thought of podcasts didn’t appeal to me. Until my sister recommended the Guilty Feminist podcast. Turns out I love listening to women tell jokes and chat about important things. It’s the boring carbon copy white guy podcasts that I can’t stand.

From there, I started looking for other fun podcasts hosted by women about topics that I love. I found Gastropod, about food, and Mothers of Invention, about environmentalism and climate change. I highly recommend both. Since travel is one of my biggest passions, I also started looking for good travel podcasts hosted by women. These are my five favorites ones. I listen to them while I’m on my daily lockdown walk, on the train, or just when I need a quick dose of #wanderlust.

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How Not To Travel

Dr. Kiona is a traveler and an activist. Her Instagram account and blog are focussed on informing people on sustainable and responsible tourism, anti-racism, and equitable travel. The corresponding podcast How Not To Travel gives you practical tips on being a better traveler and asks the difficult questions around privilege, colonialism, and exploitation in tourism.

Women Who Travel

Whomen Who Travel is created by Condé Nast Traveler, one of the OG travel publications. As the name suggests, the show is hosted by women and focuses on women travelers. They interview travel influencers, writers, TV hosts, activists, and more. The topics are current and thought-provoking and lead to stimulating discussions. The podcast grew from their Facebook Group, which I’m also a member of.

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The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

Do you miss sitting in a hostel common room with a beer, sharing storied with fellow travelers? Because I sure do! It’s always fun to chat about our wildest adventures and strangest experiences around the globe. And that’s exactly what this podcast does. Host Amanda from the blog Not a Ballerina talks with her guests about their best travel stories surrounding different topics, like getting lost, language mishaps, and culture shocks. The conversations are always fun, heartfelt, and very relatable, which is why it’s one of my favorite travel podcasts.

Wild Ideas Worth Living

Host Shelby interviews people who lived out their wild ideas. From running across the USA to living the van life. Each episode features a new guest who had embarked on a crazy adventure or started a business or organization around travel. She talks with them about their life, experiences, and goals. As a marathon runner herself, Shelby knows what it’s like to live out your wildest dreams. This travel podcast is powered by the outdoor brand REI.

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The Expat Experience

Now, I have to admit, this one made the list not only because I listen to it, but because I’ve been on it. Amelia interviewed me last year about my experiences as an expat and a digital nomad. If you’re interested in becoming an expat or looking for ideas for remote careers, this podcast is just what you need. Each episode features a different guest talking about their job and country, and giving you tips for combining work and travel.

These travel podcasts hosted by women all provide you with fun stories, interesting facts and necessary information. Whether you want to learn about different cultures, get tips for traveling solo or listen to women sharing their travel experiences.

Are you a big podcast fan? Which travel podcasts are your favorites? Leave your recommendations in the comments. And feel free to share this list on social media with any podcast and travel lovers you know!

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