Things to Eat in Italy

From pizza and pasta to ice cream and coffee, Italian cuisine is world-famous and beloved by millions. Ask anyone what their favorite food is, and they will likely answer: Italian. But did you know that there are far more things to eat in Italy than those staples you grew up with?

There is an art to finding the best things to eat in Italy

Which is why I cannot simply tell you to try pasta or risotto or pizza. Although you should definitely try all of those. After all, the whole country is a foodie heaven. Seriously, I have traveled all over Italy and have had some of the best meals of my life there. But you can’t just walk into any restaurant and expect mindblowing food. You have to know where to look and how to avoid falling into tourist traps.

Which is why I wrote these rules about finding good food in Italy

Food in Italy is all about the experience, not just the meal. There are a lot of incredible food experiences you can have in Italy, from learning how to make pasta to hunting for truffles. These activities provide a unique cultural and culinary experience and will probably be the highlight off you trip to Italy.

I wrote a guest post for Backpackertravel on 10 can’t miss food experiences in Italy

The best things to eat in Italy by region

Italy has an incredibly rich culinary tradition with strong regional roots. In fact, some of the most famous products, Parmesan cheese, Parma ham and specific wines, can only be produced in certain areas and according to strict rules. The way they serve pasta in the North of Italy is completely different from the South. Each region has their own preferred ingredients and century old recipes that get passed down through the generations.

Planning a trip to Italy? These are my absolute favorite places

So, to make sure you get the best of the best, I have listed my favorite traditional, local products and dishes by region. Click on any of the places below to see which foods you simply must try there. Enjoy!

pane carasau flatbread sardinia food guide italy cuisine things to eat in italy

Things to Eat in Sardinia

Sardinian food, like most traditional Italian cuisines, revolves around local, high-quality ingredients and simple recipes. The food is hearty and humble and nothing goes to waste. Come with me to discover Sardinian food and the best things to eat in Sardinia: … More Things to Eat in Sardinia

I due fratellini Florence Italy sandwich shop panini things to eat in Tuscany food guide

Things to Eat in Tuscany

Tuscany, with its rolling hills and picturesque towns is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. But Tuscany offers more than postcard views. Tuscan cuisine is just as wonderful as everything else about the province. If you are planning a trip to Tuscany, let me give you a few recommendations for traditional dishes that you must try. Here a few of the best things to eat in Tuscany: … More Things to Eat in Tuscany

things to eat in Liguria food guide Italian cuisine pesto genovese

Things to Eat in Liguria

The north Italian region of Liguria produces some of the best olive oil and is home to popular Italian dishes like pesto and focaccia. As if the food wasn’t reason enough to visit Liguria, the ever cool city of Genoa and the gorgeous Chinque Terre definitely are. Here are my favorite things to eat in Liguria: … More Things to Eat in Liguria

Italian cuisine food guide tavel guide food tips things to eat in Umbria traditional dishes Umbria torta al testo

Things to Eat in Umbria

Umbria is a beautiful region with lots to offer, especially when it comes to food. The cuisine of Umbria is one born out of tradition, local ingredients and lots of love. It’s humble and rustic but full of flavor. If you’re planning a trip to Italy, Umbria, with its charming towns, pretty landscapes and great food can’t be missed. … More Things to Eat in Umbria

Italian cuisine food guide tavel guide food tips things to eat in Veneto and Venice raditional dishes Veneto aperol spritz

Things to Eat in Veneto and Venice

The cuisine in Veneto is as varied as the landscape itself. Many famous regional Italian products come from Veneto, such as rice for risotto, polenta and prosecco. The presence of the coast means that the seafood is always extremely fresh. So, if you’re planning to visit Veneto, be sure to enjoy all the delicious drinks, dishes and snacks this region has to offer. From fish to Aperol Spritz, these are the best things to eat in Veneto: … More Things to Eat in Veneto and Venice

Italian cuisine food guide tavel guide food tips things to eat in Naples and Campania traditional dishes Campania Naples gelati ice cream buffalo milk

Things to Eat in Campania and Naples

Let me take you on a little food tour of Campania, a region in the southwest of Italy. It’s most famous city is Naples and most famous food is pizza. Campania cuisine is rich, with lots of fresh seafood and excellent produce. Whether you are visiting Naples or the Amalfi coast, there are a few iconic dishes you just have to try. Here are my favorite things to eat in Campania. … More Things to Eat in Campania and Naples

Italian cuisine food guide tavel guide food tips things to eat in Sicily traditional dishes Sicily Taormina granita

Things to Eat in Sicily

I would say that Sicily has some of the best food in Italy. It’s humble, hearty and full of love and flavor. So, if you’re planning a trip to Sicily, prepare to eat till you’re ready to burst. There are a few typical Sicilian dishes you absolutely have to try from my list of the best things to eat in Sicily: … More Things to Eat in Sicily

Puglia Bari Italy food tips things to eat in Puglia traditional Italian dishes food focaccia tomatoes

Things to Eat in Puglia

The Puglia region, and the capitol Bari, is a woofully underappreciated part of Italy. Forget Tuscany or Venice, if you want to experience real authentic Italian culture and food this is where you should go. From incredible white sand beaches (Puglia is a frequent stand in for Thailand in movies) to picturesque villages (you have … More Things to Eat in Puglia

I haven’t visited every region of Italy yet. But I plan to, so I’ll be adding more regional food guide to Italian cuisine as I go. In the mean time, tell me about your favorite Italian dishes, best meals you’ve had in Italy or anything I need to definitely try on my next trip! Let’s chat about Italian food in the comment.

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