The Best Things to Do in Warsaw

For some reason, Warsaw has a reputation for being an ugly and boring city. Although most of the city did not survive the Second World War, I vehemently disagree. Based on other peoples opinions, my expectations for Warsaw were very low. However, when I got to Warsaw, I immediately liked it!

The city is bustling and full of life, even in cold November. Sure, it doesn’t quite have the charm of Krakow, but very few cities have. Warsaw has its own character, a beautifully reconstructed Old Town and a rich history. It’s both modern and traditional, touristic and authentic. I recommend spending a day or two in Warsaw to learn about Polish history, both ancient and contemporary, eat some delicious Polish food and enjoy a few cultural events. Here are the best things to do in Warsaw:

Explore the Old Town of Warsaw

Warsaw Old Town Poland Royal Castle travel guide city guide Warsaw travel tips things to do sights highlights

Did you know that 97% of the Old Town of Warsaw was destroyed during the Second World War? So even though it may look old, almost everything you see in Warsaw today is a reconstruction.

But that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the Old Town of Warsaw. It may not be “real”, but it is very pretty and picturesque. And especially impressive considering the majority of the reconstruction was done by the citizens of Warsaw, without government support! Check out the Royal Castle, stroll through the little streets and go see the mermaid, the symbol of Warsaw.

For real historic Polish architecture, you should visit Krakow

If you want to learn more about the history of Warsaw and the Old Town in particular, I highly recommend the Old Town Free Walking Tour. The guides are great, very informative and fun. There are multiple tours a day, depending on the season, so check the website to be sure.

See the Former Jewish Quarter

Warsaw Poland travel guide city guide Warsaw travel tips things to do sights highlights Jewish Ghetto

Although the Jewish Ghetto was completely destroyed during the war, it is far from forgotten. There are lines on the ground to show you where the walls used to be. Several memorials have also been placed around the former Jewish Quarter. You can visit the memorial for the uprising of 1943, called the Ghetto Heroes Monument, and the Jewish Cemetery, one of the largest in Europe.

If you want to dive even further into the Jewish history of Warsaw, check out the Polin Museum. This museum is dedicated to the history of Jews in Warsaw and Poland. The exhibitions are both informative and engaging. You can also join the Jewish Warsaw Free Walking Tour, that takes you through the painful history of Jews in Warsaw.

Visit a Museum

Warsaw Poland travel guide city guide Warsaw travel tips things to do sights highlights Polish Wodka Museum

Did you know that one of the most famous female scientist, Marie Curie, was from Warsaw? She grew up and was educated here, before moving to France to study. She went on to win two Nobel Prizes (one with her husband) for her work in nuclear physics. The Marie Curie Museum is all about the life of this fascinating woman and feminist icon and her scientific and social accomplishments. It’s a small museum and entry is just a few euros.

Aside from the serious historical museums, Warsaw museum can also be fun. Vodka is a vital part of Polish culture, so it’s no suprise that there’s a whole museum dedicated to the stuff. Polish wodka is considered by many (including me) to be the best in the world, and real Polish wodka is nothing like the cheap lighterfluid you used to drink as a student. At the Polish Wodka Museum you can learn all about the history and production of Polish Wodka and even taste a few different ones. You have to prebook a ticket for one of the guided tours, but it’s definitely worth it!

Listen to Chopin

Warsaw Poland travel guide city guide Warsaw travel tips things to do sights highlights Chopin Point

Murie Curie is not the only famous child of Warsaw. The composer and pianist Frédéric Chopin was born just outside of Warsaw to a French father (hence the name). He became famous at a young age and played his first concert at 8 years old. Even though he was banished from Poland and died at 39 in France, he is widely considered the best Polish composer of all time.

The Chopin Point in Warsaw organizes Chopin tours and daily concerts at 7 pm. In the summer, you can enjoy free concerts of Chopin music every Sundat in the Royal Łazienki Park.

Eat Delicious Polish food

Warsaw Poland travel guide city guide Warsaw travel tips things to do sights highlights food guide Polish food milk bar bar mleczsny potato pancakes pickle soup

I love Polish food! I love fermented and pickled foods, so most Polish cuisine is right up my alley. And it’s surprisingly veggie friendly as well! Although traditional Polish food is largely meat based, there are plenty of delicious vegetarian options.

If you want to try a traditional Warsaw food experience, you have to eat at a “milk bar”. Milk Bars date back to the late 19th century, when food was scarce and expensive. At the milk bar (bar mleczny in Polish) cheap, but hearty food was served. It was largely dairy based, as it was a nutritious but affordable ingredient. These establishments became especially popular during the 1930s and Soviet times. Milk bars are designed to be as economical as possible, so they rely on canteen style self-service. In the 2010s, milk bars are going through a revival and are popular lunch spots. If you want to try home-made Polish food, a milk bar is the best place to go. Lunch at a milk bar can cost as little as 2-3 euro for a full meal! In Warsaw, I really enjoyed Gdanski Bar Mleczny. It’s a hip and more comfortable take on the traditional milk bar with English-speaking staff and bathrooms. The food is delicious, especially the pickle soup!

Can’t get enough of Polish food? This is what you should eat in Krakow

Another must eat in Warsaw are pierogi. These pillowy dumplings come with a variety of fillings, traditionally meat or cheese. Although it’s a bit touristic, Goscininiec makes terrific pierogi, especially for vegetarians. I ordered a mix of the vegetarian pierogi with cabbage, spinach and potato fillings, and they were all yummy.

As you can tell, Warsaw has plenty to offer its visitors. Do you have anything to add, or is there anything you want to know about visiting Warsaw? Let me know in the comment!

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14 thoughts on “The Best Things to Do in Warsaw

  1. Poland has been on my list for really long! I absolutely love the looks of Warsaw Old Town so I know where I’ll be spending most of my time when I am in the city! I had no idea that Marie Curie was Polish, that’s an interesting fact. Also, I have never tried Polish food but being a foodie, I am sure I’m absolutely going to love it. When I visit a new country, I always love to try their authentic foods.

  2. Yeah I always have Polish friends dissuading me from visiting haha. Warsaw looks amazing though and we really need to visit one day! I would love to see the Marie Curie museum and the Polish vodka one of course. Pierogi dumplings I know from Slovakia and they are tasty I agree. Lovely article!

  3. I’ve never been to Warsaw but it has been on my list for a while now. The old town looks beautiful and I had no idea that 97% of it were destroyed in WW2. The food just looks delicious and I love that it’s veggie friendly as I’m not a big fan of meat. Also, I’ve never heard of the milk bar before, would be interesting to visit!

  4. Wow, I’m from Poland and have visited Warsaw many times, but it’s the first time I hear about the Marie Curie Museum. I definitely have to find it and finally pay a visit there. I would also highly recommend one of the historical ones – the Warsaw Uprising Museum. I’m also missing here information about some more popular sites – Lazienki Park, Vistulan Boulvedar or even the Palace of Culture and Science.

  5. I haven’t got a chance to explore that part of the world but it looks like there’re so many things to explore in Warsaw. I have never tried Polish food before so that will be on the top of my list!

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