Things to Do in New Orleans

One of my guilty pleasures was the television show The Originals, which takes place in New Orleans. I’ve been wanting visit for a while. Many people told me it was their favorite place in the US. I knew I wanted to visit it and it seemed like a good place to stick around for a while.

After the cold of upstate New York I was very excited to spend some time in the warm south. So when I found a Workaway gig in Auberge NOLA, it all worked out perfectly. During the month I spent here I got to know and fall in love with the crescent city.

Between the beautiful architecture, the amazing food and friendly locals, New Orleans instantly became my favorite city in the US (so far). It has a European vibe, which made me feel right at home. And even after a month, I never got bored here. There is just so much to do and see in this city. Here are some of the best things to do in New Orleans:

Walk through the French Quarter

New Orleans French Quarter Louisiana USA travel tips city guide things to do

The French Quarter is the oldest part of New Orleans. This is where the French colonists first settled and claimed Louisiana for King Louis XIV. To my surprise, the architecture in the French Quarter is actually not French, it’s Spanish. The French architecture was mainly wood and all of it burned down in two big fires. During that time the Spanish briefly owned New Orleans, and they rebuilt the city in Spanish style. Either way, the result is stunning and elegant. The whole quarter is filled with beautiful stone buildings with wrought-iron balconies.

The French Quarter is the most touristic part of the city and is filled with restaurants, bars and shops. But it is also my favorite part of the city. I spent many days simply strolling through the quarter. If you want to walk with a bit more purpose and learn more about the history, join the Free Walking Tour.

Explore the Tremé

New Orleans Treme Louisiana USA travel tips city guide things to do

The Tremé is credited as the first African-American neighborhood in the US, but it was actually pretty diverse. This is one of the poorest parts of New Orleans and one that got hit the hardest by hurricane Katrina. Unfortunately, the destruction opened the door for gentrification. Housing prices are rising drastically due to the amount of purpose built Airbnb’s. Even though the Tremé has a gritty reputation, it is actually quite a nice neighborhood. I highly recommend taking a tour of the Tremé to learn more about its fascinating history, especially concerning music and civil rights.

Can’t get enough of NOLA? Here are even more tips!

Visit a museum

New Orleans French Quarter Louisiana USA travel tips city guide things to do Cabildo Museum

There are lots of great museums in New Orleans. If you want to learn about the history of Louisiana, visit the Cabildo. Be sure to also pop in to the Cathedral next door. On the other side of the St. Louis Cathedral lies the Presbytère museum, which has an amazing exhibition on Katrina and one on Mardi Gras. If you visit only one museum in New Orleans, make it this one. If you want to see Mardi Gras floats in person, hop on the free shuttle bus to Mardi Gras World.

History buffs will also appreciate the enormous World War II museum. I didn’t visit it, because being Dutch and German, I’ve had my fill of WWII history. But from what I heard from others it is very interesting and you can easily spend 4-5 hours there.

There are also some small, specialty museums in New Orleans. Such as the Voodoo Museum and Pharmacy Museum, which are perfect to dip into during one of those crazy New Orleans thunderstorms.

Go on a Swamp Tour

New Orleans bayou swamp tour alligator Louisiana USA travel tips city guide things to do

One of the funnest things I did in New Orleans was go on a tour of the Bayou. During our boat tour through the Bayou outside of New Orleans we saw wild pigs, alligators, birds and other wildlife. It was so cool seeing all these animals out in the wild. The guide was very knowledgeable and told us about the plants and animals we encountered. A perfect day out on the water with Cajun Encounters.

New Orleans is also an amazing destination for foodies. You have to try these dishes!

Party on Bourbon street

New Orleans French Quarter Bourbon Street handgrenade party Louisiana USA travel tips city guide things to do

New Orleans has a lot of culture and beautiful sights, but it is also a popular party destination. There is a festival basically every weekend, of which Mardi Gras is the biggest and craziest. If you feel like going out all night, head over to Bourbon street where the bars are open almost 24-7. New Orleans in one of the few places where you can drink on the street. Bourbon street is lined with bars, fast food places and strip clubs. It’s neon lit and a little trashy, but o so fun. Shake your ass on stage at Razzoo, dance to 90s beats at Beach on Bourbon and listen to live music at Bourbon Bandstand. Don’t forget to try the handgrenades from Tropical Isle or a frozen daiquiri from Big Easy to drink in between bars. You might even catch some beads 😉

Have you ever been to New Orleans? What was your favorite thing? Let me know in the comments.
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11 thoughts on “Things to Do in New Orleans

  1. I wish I had time for a swamp tour when I was in New Orleans, but I definitely want to do one when I go back!


  2. I loved ‘The Originals’ and it too made me want to go to New Orleans. That being said, reading this it sounds like a really, really cool place. I should probably get down there ASAP. LOL

    Thanks for sharing ❤


  3. We’re going there in the fall, hopefully, keeping my fingers crossed!
    I will definatly make time to do a swamp tour, that looks really amazing 🙂


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