Things to Do in Piran

Piran is a small town on the tiny stretch of Slovenian coast. Wedged between Italy and Croatia, the Slovenian Adriatic coast in only 42 km long. Piran is a lovely, well-preserved town. It belonged to the Venitian empire at one point which can clearly be seen in the architecture.

This is not the kind of place where you spend a week, but it’s perfect for a relaxing 2-3 day trip. It’s charming, the seafood is incredibly fresh and it’s only a short drive from Trieste, Umag or Ljubljana. So while you are here, this is what you should do:

Join a Piran walking tour

sunset wine food walking tour piran slovenia view church
Wine, food and sunset: perfect!

I always love Free Walking Tours and rarely pay or prebook tours. But in Piran, I found a deal that I just couldn’t pass up. The Sunset Tour with Local Food and Wine had me sold at the title. Four of my favorite things combined into one perfect package: sunsets, walking tours, food, and wine.

And at 14 euros it’s a steal. The tour is only available from July to October and the starting time depends on the timing of the sunset. The guide, Jan, is amazing and makes the history of Piran come to life. And the food, wine, and view of the sunset make it even better.

Shop at the market

Piran main square slovenia
The main square of Piran

Every morning, except Sundays, there is a local farmers market in Piran. Come early to buy produce from local farmers. There are also stalls at the main square that sell souvenirs and handcrafted items.

Try some of Slovenian delicious foods

Climb up the city walls

Piran city walls church Slovenia

A small stretch of the old city walls that used to enclose Piran still stand. It’s a steep climb, but certainly worth the view. From there you can look down at Piran and also see Italy and Croatia at one glance. On clear days you might even be able to spot Venice in the distance. On top of the hill also lies a beautiful little church.

Why not visit Venice too?

Swim in the ocean

Piran slovenia boardwalk swim Adriatic sea
The boardwalk is the perfect place for a quick dip

Unfortunately, Piran doesn’t have a sandy beach. But that doesn’t keep the locals from taking a dip and getting a tan. There are several little stairs along the boardwalk that lead into the water. The water is refreshing and clear. Once you are ready to dry up, just spread your towel on the boardwalk or set up a lounge chair.

Make sure you visit Ljubljana as well!

Visit the salt flats

One of the things that Piran is known for (aside from pretty sights and great seafood) is salt. The city made it’s wealth through the salt trade back in the day. The salt pans are still used to distill salt from seawater. Be sure to drive down there and watch how they do it. A little bag of salt also makes for a great souvenir.

To me, Piran is a beautiful little gem on the Slovenian coast. It might be small, but it is so charming and cozy. It should definitely be on your list of places to visit in Slovenia.

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