Movies to inspire your wanderlust

For me, the next best thing to travelling is watching other people travel. There are plenty of movies made about adventure, exploring, discovering yourself and other cultures. Here are a few of my favorites that never fail to make me itch for a vacation.

Under the Tuscan Sun

This is probably one of my all-time favourite movies. I’ve seen it so many times, I can dream it. The premise is simple: a woman gets cheated on, goes on a trip to Tuscany and once there, decided to buy an old mansion and move to Italy. The necessary problems, romance and self-discovery follow. It is a pretty generic romcom, but the Tuscan scenery will make you want to book a trip immediately.

A Good Year

A similar premise as Under The Tuscan Sun, but this time with a man in the lead. A busy lawyer returns to the vineyard of his uncle in France, where he used to spend his summer vacations as a boy. Naturally, he falls in love. Both with the estate, life in France and a beautiful local girl.


A lot of travel movies are about women going off to ‘find themselves’. A bit of a tired trope if you ask me (which is why Eat, Pray, Love is not on this list), but in the case of Wild it really works. Based on the autobiography of the same name, Cheryl decided to confront herself and work through her problems by hiking the Pacific Crest Trail, completely unprepared. I actually prefer the book in this case, but Reese Witherspoon is always a win.

The Bucket List

Make sure you have plenty of tissues for this one! The Bucket List is about two older men taking the trip of a lifetime to tick off everything on their bucket list before they die. With the ever so brilliant Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman. There is something so delightful about watching these men realise that you’re never too old to live.

Chasing Liberty

If you ask me, the nineties and zeroes were a golden time for rom coms. Especially for travel-related teen rom coms. Chasing Liberty is my favorite among a list of movies that made me want to travel the world and have romantic adventures as a teenager, such as The Lizzie McGuire movie, What a Girl Wants, Leap Year and Letters to Juliet. Chasing Liberty was also the start of my life long crush on Matthew Goode. And Mandy Moore is always rom com gold. Aside from romance, the movie also offers incredible shots of Europe.

What is your favorite wanderlust movie? Let me know in the comments, so I have some new movies to watch.

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