Things to Do in Verona

In fair Verona where we lay our scene…

William Shakespeare – Rome and Juliet

Verona is one of those cities in Italy that are easily overlooked by travelers. Despite its fame as the city of Romeo and Juliet, tourists often favor places like Rome, Florence and Venice.

These are some other less touristic cities I love in Italy

Verona was the first city I visited on this trip to Italy and I had no idea what to expect. So when I walked into the city, I was completely blown away! Verona is without a doubt one of the most beautiful cities in Italy and deserves a spot on everyone’s travel bucket list. It is a gorgeous city architecturally, but it also has a lively atmosphere, fantastic food and lots to do.

Here are the best things to do in Verona:

Live out your own Romeo and Juliet moment

Juliet house balcony verona italy romeo shakespeare

I’ll be honest, I was under the impression that Shakespeare had made up the story of Romeo and Juliet. But in fact, he wasn’t even the first person to tell their story.

This tragic tale of young love was initially written by Masuccio Salernitano and set in Sienna rather than Verona, and he supposedly based it on true events. Shakespeare borrowed heavily from this original tale and moved it to include the families of Capuleti and Montecchi of Verona.

The palaces of these two great families of Verona still stand today. Juliet’s house is the most famous of the two and especially crawling with tourists trying to see the legendary balcony. The house is now a museum and visitors can enter the balcony. The walls of the little alleyway leading into the courtyard are scribbled with messages of love from visitors from all over the world. Romeo’s house is a bit more inconspicuous, but still a popular tourist attraction.

Walk around the historic city center

Verona main square market Italy

The best way to explore Verona is on foot. The historic city is small and pedestrian friendly with something beautiful around every corner. So walk around and go into the little side streets to find all of Verona’s hidden gems.

If you also want to know more about the history of the city, join the excellent Free Walking Tour of Verona. The local guides will tell you interesting anecdotes and lead you to famous highlights and well-kept secrets.

Climb the hill

Verona San Pietro Castle Italy viewpoint hill

The literal highlight of Verona is the hill on the east side of the river. On top of the hill lies Castel San Pietro, which provides a spectacular view over the city. At the foot of the hill, you find the remnants of the Roman Theater.

Attend an Opera performance

Verona theatre ancient Roman Italy amfitheatre opera

As you walk into the city centre of Verona, you are immediately greeted by the Arena. This old Roman Theater looks like a small version of the Colosseum.

It has held impressively against the destructive forces of time and is in fact, still in use as an Opera House. It seats 3000 people, the population of Verona in Roman times. Due to its small size, set pieces are stored outside at the back of the Arena.

For an unforgettable night out in Verona, reserve seats for the Opera, dress up and wait in line to be seated in this unique venue. Tickets are actually quite affordable, starting at 25 euro for non-numbered seats at the top of the Arena.

Visit Castelvecchio

Verona Castelvecchio Italy

Castelvecchio literally means Old Castle and it used to be the home of the rulers of Verona. In 1924, it was opened as a museum showcasing Roman and Medieval sculptures and paintings.

In 2015 some paintings were stolen during an armed heist, but all were recovered in 2016. The bridge behind the castle offers a lovely view of the Adige river.

Verona is absolutely beautiful and I hope you go visit this underrated Italian city. If you do, let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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  1. I was just there a month ago! Drove from Slovenia was the drive was fun (Them italians know how to drive fast). Only spent a day though so couldn’t eat as much good food as I hoped..

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