Things to Do in Kuala Lumpur

The Malaysian capital is huge, modern and chaotic. A stark contrast to the South East Asian countryside, but a good example of Malaysian prosperity. The city can feel overwhelming but is easily traversed through the good public transportation system or a Grab.

Explore the Batu caves

Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Batu caves

These giant caves in the karst rock house a Hindu temple and are home to a tribe of monkeys. Watch out when eating or drinking near the caves as the monkeys will steal whatever they can.

Walk the Heritage trail

Kuala Lumpur Malaysia palace

There are three trails through the city, based on different themes. I especially recommend the colonial trail past some of the most impressive buildings.

Visit the Jamek Mosque

Jamek mosque Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

The national mosque is a beautiful building at the end of the colonial trail. It is open to the public for a few hours a day and closed for prayer and on Fridays.

See the Patronas towers lit up at night

Petronas towers Kuala Lumpur Malaysia nigth lights

The Patronas Twin Towes are maybe the most recognisable landmarks of Kuala Lumpur. It’s not worth the price to go up, but instead, visit them at night to see the light show in the fountain as well (until 10 pm).

Have fun and party

Head over to Heli Lounge Bar to see the sunset and a spectacular view of the city. Do make sure to arrive before 9 pm to avoid the entrance fee and dress code. After, head to Bukit Bintang street to drink and dance in the many clubs and bars. Thursdays are ladies nights so take advantage of the free drinks in the otherwise pricey places.

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