Things to Do in Bangkok

There is never a dull moment in the capital of Thailand. This city is chaotic, but fun and filled with beautiful places, great food and lovely people. Just ignore the smell.

Climb the Golden Mount and visit temples

Bangkok Thailand temple

Climb up the 400 odd steps to the top of this temple for a great view over Ko Ratanakosin neighbourhood. The most well-known temples in Bangkok are Wat Pho and the Grand Palace. Although beautiful, these places are pricey and filled with tourists. If you will be travelling to different places in Thailand, skip them and visit some smaller temples instead, like Loha Prasar and Wat Saket. As these are places of worship, make sure you dress appropriately and follow the customs.

Learn about Thai culture in the Museum of Siam

Bangkok Thailand Museum of Siam

The Museum of Siam is worth a visit for anyone interesting in Thai history and culture. Housed a beautiful colonial building, it is very interactive and suited to both kids and adults. They offer a student discount and free audio guide as well.

Go shopping at a market

Bangkok Thailand flower market shopping

Take the taxi boat to Yodpiman to see the huge Bangkok flower market. It’s a sea of yellow and orange flowers as well as piles of vegetables. The floating market is very overrated and can be skipped. Do visit the train track market for a truly unique shopping experience. Don’t forget to haggle!

Eat all the delicious Thai food

Thai food fried springrolls street food

There is street food everywhere in Bangkok so gorge on fresh fruit, mystery meat, noodles and spring rolls. Or head over to Chinatown for some of the best street food in Thailand. Every other stall has won some sort of award, so look where locals are lining up for the very best places. In fact, here are some Thai dishes you should absolutely try!

Party like there’s no tomorrow

Khao San Road Bangkok Thailand at night party

Enjoy the view at a pricey rooftop bar, live it up with the locals in downtown Bangkok or head to Khao San Road. Khao San is beloved and hated, but it is certainly an experience. If you’re looking to get drunk cheap, this is the place to go. If not, it is still worth taking a walk around it to see the loud chaotic touristy mess.

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