Free Things to Do in Dublin

Travel is amazing and fun, but it can be quite costly. Especially in bigger cities and capitals like Dublin. So, to make your next trip a little more budget friendly, here are some things you can do in Dublin for free.

Join a walking tour

There are several companies that offer Free Walking Tours in Dublin. The trick of a free walking tour is that instead of paying up front, you tip at the end. If you enjoyed the tour simply hand your guide a few euro’s at the end, but you don’t have to. And because the guides work for tips they do their best to make it a fun and informative tour.

Visit some Museums

Dublin houses several free museums. Art lovers should check out the National Gallery. History buffs will love the National Museum for Archeology. And everyone enjoys the National Museum for Natural History. For more info on the city itself, you can head to the City Hall. Trinity College can be visited for free as well, just like the bank across the street.

Lounge in Phoenix Park

Enjoy some nature for free at the beautiful Phoenix Park. You may have to take a bus to get there, but there is no entrance fee. Walk around this big park and spot some deer! If you want to stay in the city, St. Stephens Green is lovely as well.

Listen to live music

Dublin, like most of Ireland, is filled with music. Head down Grafton Street to see street performers, it would be nice to give them a few euro’s, but you are in no way obligated to do so. Most pubs will have live music as well, so for the price of a pint, you can enjoy a complimentary concert!

Just Walk around

Dublin is a beautiful city and very pedestrian friendly. The city is small enough to traverse on foot, so go for a stroll and explore all the cute little streets.

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