Surprising myself

I have a very long list of countries and places that I would like to visit. However, being perpetually single and having friends with less wanderlust, time and funds kept my travel bucket list from shrinking for a long time.

Until I made my new years resolutions for 2017 and finally decided to just go on my own.

Now, I am the kind of person who likes staying warm and save inside their comfort zone. So solo travel had always seemed like something only cool, brave people do. And although I am many things, brave and cool I am not.

So, to give myself just a little push instead of a full kick in the butt, I decided on a “Solo Together” trip. Solo Together is a type of trip organized by This awesome online travelling agency lets you book a trip to an unknown destination, you don’t find out where until you are at the airport! Sounds cool? Trust me, it is! They are based in Amsterdam but have recently expanded to the UK. I had been following them on social media for a while and after seeing all the rave reviews, I was sold.

The beauty of Solo Together is that you book the trip individually, but you get put in a group of 4-8 stranger who all booked the same trip. An instant group of travel companions and since you all deliberately chose this theme, everyone is keen to make friends and hang out. Although you can of course still venture out on your own if you like.

Curious where we ended up? I will detail my solo together experience in the next post!

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